General settings of the modules

The basic features and capabilities of the responsive design are explained in the Web Design Guide. At this point, we will focus on the features that you can influence using Imperia.

Column width

In the header of the Imperia modules, you can set for each module individually whether the entered content should take double width or only single width. Remember that modules can generally only be displayed in single width on small devices such as smartphones.

Combine modules

It can make sense in terms of content to display modules that are actually separate from each other (e.g. a contact data module and a text editor module) on the public web within a common box. To connect the desired modules, you just have to check the "Mit nachfolgendem Modul verbinden" checkbox at the end of the module.

Function column

Function column modules are normally closed in the desktop view. So, as with an accordion module, the user must first open the module to see its contents. However, you can use the "Beim Laden geöffnet" checkbox to specify that this rule is reversed for the corresponding module. Keep in mind that these modules will then be displayed open immediately, even on smartphones. This can make the pages very unwieldy.