Major differences in Imperia 8 and 11

The design has changed a lot from Imperia version 8 to 11. It has become more modern and in many ways more intuitive.
To make the changeover easier and because some functions and menus can now be reached differently than before, we have prepared a "retraining video".

The general Imperia training has also been adapted for the new Imperia system. You can find training dates on the WWU intranet. We are currently preparing additional online loops that can be used at any time to familiarise yourself with the CMS.

In future, there will no longer be a manual in PDF form, but only this manual website.

  • Known problems

    • The first login to Imperia 11 often does not work. If you experience this, clear your browser's cache, or use a different browser to log in.
    • In some cases the browser cache messes up the user interface of Imperia or does not display the rubric or document tree. Please reload the page cleanly with Ctrl+F5, or close and reopen the tab. Please note that you will lose any information you may have entered on the affected page.
    • The search sometimes seems to find no results at first. As soon as it has been running for a short time, there are results. If necessary, press Ctrl+F5.
  • Differences and innovations

    • "Unlock" has been renamed "Publish".
    • "Refresh" has been renamed "Re-publish", bringing us into line with standard Imperia terminology.
    • Imperia Role will be called Imperia Group in the future.
    • The menu item "Unlocked Documents" no longer exists. It has been replaced by the document browser, in which you can see all documents of a rubric (outside the archive), no matter if they are on your desk (as long as they have been finished there at least once), in the publication list or already published.
    • If an existing document is edited via MetaEdit and gets a new file name in the process, the document with the old name does not remain (as it used to) but is deleted when it is published. There is then "only" the file with the new name.
    • MAM-Assets can now also be inserted into the MAM via drag & drop.