Thomas Nikolaus

University of Münster

Winter term 2021/22: Algebraic Geometry
Winter 2021/22: Seminar Kompakte Lie Gruppen (with J.Ebert)
Winter term 2022: Algebraic Geometry
Summer term 2021: Einfürhrung in die Algebra
Winter term 2020/21: Topological Cyclic Homology (with A. Krause)
Summer term 2020: Stable infinity-categories and algebraic surgery
Summer term 2020: Seminar on condensed mathematics (with A. Krause)
Winter term 19/20: Homotopietheorie
Winter term 19/20: Sheaves in Geometry and Logic
Summer term 2019: Topologie II
Summer term 2019: Einfache Homotopietheorie
Winter term 18/19: Topologie I
Winter term 18/19: Derived algebraic geometry and elliptic cohomology
Winter term 18/19: Oberseminar Topologie
Summer term 2018: Funktionentheorie
Summer term 2018: Topological Hochschild homology and Hodge-de Rham degeneration

University of Bonn

Winter term 17/18: Work Group Seminar Homotopy Theory
Summer term 2017: Algebraic topology II
Summer term 2016: Rational and p-adic homotopy theory
Summer term 2016: Work Group Seminar Homotopy Theory
Winter term 15/16: Work Group Seminar Homotopy Theory
Summer term 2015: Topology II
Summer term 2015: Differential Topology
Winter term 14/15: Topology I
Winter term 14/15: Characteristic classes'

University of Regensburg

Summer term 2014: Funktionentheorie auf Riemannschen Flaechen
Summer term 2014: TMF and logarithmic structures
Summer term 2013: Fraktal Geometry
Summer term 2013: Factorization Algebras in Quantum Field Theory
Winter term 13/14: Mathematical Foundations of Physics
Winter term 13/14: Chromatic stable homotopy theory
Summer term 2013: Cryptography with elliptic curves
Summer term 2013: Orientations of ring spectra
Winter term 12/13: Differential Geometry I
Winter term 12/13: Topological Modular Forms