Support services for students with children

  • Childcare Allowance for Student Parents

    Starting in April 2020, the University of Münster will offer a childcare allowance to all students with children. If childcare is needed for several hours or in a pinch when childcare facilities are closed, students can apply for financial assistance from the University to cover these childcare expenses.

    Informations and application

  • Advice for pregnant students – What now?

    Having and raising a child can be a tremendous challenge for student parents. They are suddenly faced with numerous questions: Can I postpone my examinations? Where can I get financial aid? How do I request a leave of absence for a semester? At the University of Münster, there are several departments which offer advice on matters concerning childcare, financing and reconciling parental and academic obligations.
    Visit the website "Portal familienleben" to learn more about advisory services [de]

    The new Maternity Protection Act [de] (Mutterschutzgesetz, MuSchG) entered into effect in January 2018. This amended version of the law now applies to women studying at university. The goal is to ensure that the academic requirements and environment do not endanger the health of the mother and her child. At the same time, the law states that students should not suffer any disadvantages on account of their pregnancy, e.g. they should not be forced to interrupt their studies if they do not wish to. Female students are entitled to various protective measures. However, the University of Münster can only comply with its legal obligations provided they notify the University of their condition through the Student Maternity Protection Coordination Office. Our office provides information about all aspects of the Maternity Protection Act and can offer you non-binding consultation if desired. Moreover, we are responsible for initiating individual protective measures. Find further information about the Maternity Protection Act. 

  • The Baby Club for students

    Here students meet with their babies from 0 to 12 months. The baby club brings fun for you and your baby and good conversations about life with child. You will learn more about his development, nutrition and support possibilities. Your baby can play, discover and move. All this takes place in a nice and relaxed atmosphere. If friendships develop in the Baby Club - all the better.

    Start of the next cohort:

    Wed, 03/15/2023 6x

    Direction: Florian Bonzol, Social Work (BA)

    Fee: 28,10 Euro

    For more information and registration details visit the "Haus der Familie” [de].

  • The Surrogate Grandparents project – “Time for you, time for me”

    “Time for you, time for me” offers families and potential surrogate grandparents an opportunity to meet one another at a picnic or café, share ideas or establish closer contact if desired. This could make your next family outing to the zoo a very special occasion and perhaps make a wish or two come true. And who knows what new perspectives may come of it? We provide the right setting and are happy to take your questions or suggestions.

    More information about the “Surrogate Grandparents” project

  • Madame Courage Donation 2015

    Madame Courage

    Students in the examination phase have it hard enough, but when they are also raising a child as a single parent they face a three-fold challenge: completing their studies, finding suitable childcare and earning enough money to provide for their small family. This is where “Madame Courage” comes in. This fundraising project specifically supports single-parent students at universities in Münster who have no other financial resources at their disposal. It awards student parents short-term grants (max. funding duration: two semesters) so that they can complete their studies.
    More information about “Madame Courage” [de]

  • Quick help with questions about studying while raising a child [de]

    Who can answer your questions about childcare? Where are the nursing and nappy-changing rooms at the University? The brochure “Between Lectures and Child Care”, published by the Equal Opportunity Office, provides extensive information for student parents on all matters related to studying while raising a child (or children).
    Download our brochure “Between Lectures and Child Care” [de]



  • Parent-child rooms

    Nursing and nappy-changing rooms are available in numerous facilities at the University of Münster. There are also parent-child rooms which provide parents a quiet place to work and their children a play area to keep them occupied.

    For a list of all parent-child rooms on campus, visit the website of the Family Portal [de].

    For a list of all meeting places and lounges, click here.

  • Studi-Kidz-Café

    The Studi-Kidz Café offer students with children the chance to meet and chat with other student parents in a cosy atmosphere. Student fathers and pregnant students are naturally welcome, as well.
    More information about the Studi-Kidz Café [de]