List of Faculty Members

Name Institute Areas of Interest
Prof. E. Hahn AC inorganic complexes, organometallic chemistry
Prof. U. Karst AC analytical chemistry, hyphenated techniques, bioanalysis
Prof. J. Müller AC bioinorganic chemistry, nucleic acids, supramolecular chemistry, self-assembly
Prof. S. Demokritov AP responsive surfaces, wave phenomena
Prof. C. Denz AP light-driven organic matter, photophysics, photochemistry
Prof. H. Mootz BC protein chemistry, protein biotechnology, chemical biology
Prof. A. Rentmeister BC RNA, chemo-enzymatic labeling, protein-engineering
Prof. M. Esselen FC food toxicology (DNA damage, signal transduction, epigenetics)
Prof. H.-U. Humpf FC natural product analysis, CD spectroscopy, mycotoxins
Prof. J. Jose MC drug screening, biocatalytic synthesis, evolutive drug design, diagnostic tools
Prof. M. Lehr MC organic synthesis, enzyme inhibitors, HPLC analysis
Prof. B. Wünsch MC medicinal chemistry, synthesis of receptor ligands, structure/affinity relationships
Prof. G. Fernández OC supramolecular chemistry, self-assembly, organic dyes, functional materials
Prof. R. Gilmour OC enantioselective catalysis, organofluorine chemistry, chemical biology
Prof. F. Glorius OC selective synthesis and catalysis
Prof. J. Neugebauer OC theoretical/computational chemistry, electronic-structure theory, subsystem DFT
Prof. B.J. Ravoo OC supramolecular chemistry, self-assembly, nanotechnology
Prof. A. Studer OC selective synthesis, homogeneous catalysis, natural product synthesis, material science
Prof. B. Braunschweig PC chemistry at fluid interfaces, self-assembly, colloids, electrochemistry
Prof. H. Eckert PC glasses, glass-ceramics, solid electrolytes, spectroscopy, NMR, EPR
Prof. M.R. Hansen PC supramolecular systems, conjugated polymers, solid state NMR
Prof. A. Heuer PC theoretical materials science, models, simulation
Prof. D. Klostermeier PC proteins and nucleic acids, molecular machines, optical spectroscopy, FRET
PD Dr. H. Koller PC zeolites, solid state NMR
Prof. M. Schönhoff PC polymers, electrolytes, ionic liquids, NMR, thin films, self-assembly, colloids
Prof. M. Winter PC battery research
Prof. G. Wilde MP materials physics, nanostructured materials, atomic structure, transport
Prof. H. Fuchs PH on-surface reactions, self-organization, scanning probes, functional systems
Prof. W. Pernice PH nanophotonics, single photon detection, quantum photonics, infrared optics
PD Dr. C. Strassert PH photofunctional coordination chemistry & molecular photophysics
Prof. H. Zacharias PH molecular dynamics of surface reactions, ultrafast surface dynamics
Prof. J. Leker BMC business management in chemistry
Prof. N. Sick BMC business management in chemistry