Institute of Organic Chemistry (OC)

The academic staff of the Institute of Organic Chemistry currently comprises nine tenured professors (Universitätsprofessoren), three emeriti and seven scientists in service and administrative positions. The staff of permanent employees numbers approx. 40, including secretaries, lab technicians, electronic experts, the personnel of the mechanic workshops, the general service facilities and glassblowers. There are ca. 110 graduate students (Diplom and doctoral degree) working in the laboratories of the institute. Some of them are teaching assistants, supported from institutional funds on time-limited contracts, whilst most research assistants are supported by fellowships or from research foundations. At any time five to ten postdoctoral fellows are working in the institute, and there are highly awarded scientific guests visiting the institute from abroad.

The following six institutes of the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy contribute to the NRW Graduate School:

Institute of Biochemistry (BC)
Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry (AC)
Institute of Food Chemistry (FC)
Institute of Organic Chemistry (OC)
Institute of Physical Chemistry (PC)
Institute of Business Management in Chemistry (BMC)