Application Procedure:

Applications can be submitted via our online application platform (see link below). Applications by e-mail, postal mail or other methods will not be considered. Due to our virus and spam protection measures, we will not open/read e-mail attachments.

Server traffic tends to be quite heavy before the closing date. Therefore, early application is recommended.

Brief Technical Guide for Online Submissions: In a first step, a registration form must be filled out. You will then automatically obtain a confirmation and a login account on our server to complete the application with file uploads in the second step. This file upload procedure can take place in several sessions, but we prefer that the number of submitted files is small. Ideally, everything is sent in one MS Word or pdf file, e.g. with jpeg images of certificates included. If your system does not allow to upload all data in one large package, then please try to keep the number of files still small, and submit them in several sessions. The allowed file formats are pdf, MS Word, and jpeg. Other file formats are not supported and might cause rejection of your application, because the data can not be evaluated. The maximum total file size for uploads is 6 MB. Please scan your certificates with sufficient resolution, but do not exaggerate. Black&White images take considerably less disk space than color or grey scale. A resolution between 75-200 dpi is usually fine. Please try to keep the size of jpeg files below 200 kB, if possible. We recommend that you print your scanned images before starting the upload process, and check the quality. With your login account, you will be able to control the quality and correctness of your uploaded files on our system. There is a possibility to delete files and upload new data, before you declare that everything is complete. Our online system also allows you to check the status of your application through the entire selection process.

Requirements and Things To Do:

Applicants must hold a Master, Diploma or equivalent degree in chemistry (or in a related field such as physics, biology ...) and should not be older than 28 years. Good functional knowledge of the English language is a mandatory prerequisite since the program is offered in this language. Knowledge of German is not essential for admission. The full program is offered in English language. For living in Germany, basic knowledge of the language is recommended to be developed by foreign students, at least after arrival. To this end, a German course is offered in the course of study. Nevertheless, it is helpful, if you attend courses in German language before arrival, perhaps at one of the worldwide locations of the Goethe-Institut.

In your application, please state the general scientific research area of possible doctoral work, including a list of 1–3 potential research group leaders from the GSC-MS faculty roster with whom you would like to carry out your PhD research. The research profile of the GSC-MS faculty members can be obtained from the internet (see link "people"). It is not necessary to contact the faculty directly. However, you should visit the homepages of these professors to check the research areas before entering our online application system below. A direct application with one of our professors is not possible for this particular program. Only applications are considered which are entered in our online system.

For due consideration the following materials must be submitted:

A statement of purpose detailing your motivation for PhD study, your research    interests and professional goals (must be in English);
a curriculum vitae (must be in English);
graduate and undergraduate transcripts detailing your academic background, and
   accomplishments (M.Sc./Diploma certificate, marks obtained ...).
   If final M.Sc./Diploma certificate has not been issued yet,
   then send provisional transcripts, marksheets, or any other document showing
   academic accomplishments. Then, in your application letter, indicate the anticipated
   date of issue of the final document. Please include certificates of special awards, tests
   and other documents indicating special achievements, if available.
a list of 1–3 faculty members as potential research mentors; please provide specific    reasoning for this selection (in English).

Only complete applications will be further considered for the selection process!

All application materials will be kept strictly confidential, and are only made available to the selection committee.

APPLICATION DEADLINE for the next term is February 28, 2017.

Submitting an application:

Online Application
Online Application (secure https, allows for encrypted data transfer)