Institut of Biochemistry (BC)

The academic staff of the Institute of Biochemistry currently consists of four tenured professors, each of them heading a research group with broad expertise in different fields from molecular biology, cell biology, biotechnology to physical chemistry. Three research associates perform their own research projects.

More than 40 PhD- and Diploma students are involved in the research program, most of them supported by fellowships coming from different research foundations. All of them are teaching assistants in different lab courses open for chemistry as well as biology students. The administration is headed by an academic director and two secretaries. Lab technicians with different skills, electronics experts, hard and software specialists join the team. The mechanic workshop, glass blowers and general service facilities are used together with the other institutes.

The following six institutes of the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy contribute to the NRW Graduate School:

Institute of Biochemistry (BC)
Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry (AC)
Institute of Food Chemistry (FC)
Institute of Organic Chemistry (OC)
Institute of Physical Chemistry (PC)
Institute of Business Management in Chemistry (BMC)