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Prof. Dr. Björn Braunschweig

Institut für Physikalische Chemie
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
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Date of birth:        24.01.1979
Place of birth :        Bad Gandersheim
Marital status:        married, 2 children

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01.2017    W1 tenure track W2 Professor, Physical Chemistry of Surfaces and Inter-faces; Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster

01.2012 - 12.2016    Head of an independent research group at the Institute of Particle Tech-nology (LFG) of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg
Research focuses on fluid interfaces and hierarchical materials, in situ char-acterizations with nonlinear optics

01.2011 - 12.2011    Postdoc with a Feodor Lynen Return Fellowship at FAU

11.2009 - 12.2010    Postdoc and Feodor Lynen fellow; Research associate in the groups of Prof. Drs. Dana D. Dlott and Andrzej Wieckowski with Prof. Dr. Martin Grue-bele as mentor and host; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Electro-catalysis at model electrodes and electrolytes

05.2009 - 10.2009    Postdoc. Group of Prof. Dr. Winfried Daum at TU Clausthal

05.2009    Dissertation with summa cum laude; In situ Studies of Solid-Electrolyte Interfaces and their Molecular Structure: Platinum and  -Al2O3(0001)

11.2004 - 05.2009    Research assistant. PhD advisor: Prof. Dr. Winfried Daum at TU Clausthal
Studies with electrochemical STM and development and application of a spectrometer for in situ spectroscopy with nonlinear optics

10.1999 - 10.2004    Undergraduate studies at TU Clausthal, Diploma in physics with honors


2014        Starting Grant of the European Research Council (ERC)
2014        BASF fellowship financially supporting a Junior Professional Management-Program
2012        Max Buchner research fellowship
2012        DAAD Travel Grant
2009        Feodor Lynen fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
2009        Dissertation award of the Verein von Freunden der TU Clausthal


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Peukert, (Particle technology), FAU
Prof. Dr. Norbert Willenbacher, (Rheology of complex fluids), KIT
Prof. Dr. Timothy Clark, (Theoretische Chemie and Computer-Chemistry-Center), FAU
Prof. Dr. Dirk Zahn, (Theoretische Chemie and Computer-Chemistry-Center), FAU
Prof. Dr. Marc Tornow, (Department of Molecular Electronics), TU München, Germany
Dr. Reinhard Miller; (Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Rheology of Interfacial Layers), MPI Golm
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Kulozik, (Food process engineering) TU München
Prof. Dr. Dana D. Dlott (Surface Chemistry and spectroscopy with ultrafast lasers) UIUC (USA)
Prof. em. Dr. Andrzej Wieckowski; (Electrochemistry and catalysis) University of Illinois (USA)


"    U Duisburg-Essen, Seminar Technische Chemie, Prof. Stephan Barcikowski, 10.2016
"    OvGU Magdeburg, Seminar "Nichtlinearität in komplexen Systemen", 09. Mai 2016
"    Hauptseminar "Nanoelectronics" TU München, 16. April 2015
"    TU Berlin; Intl. Graduate Research Training Group 1524, 08. January 2015
"    5th EAM Symposium; Kloster Banz 2013
"    244th ACS national meeting, Philadelphia 2012
"    221th ECS meeting, Seattle 2012
"    ECONOS 2012, Aberdeen University, 8.-11. July 2012
"    3rd EAM Symposium, Oberhof 2011
"    NTH School Contacts in Nanosystems; Autumn Workshop, October 2011
"Vibrational sum-frequency generation at interfaces: From catalysis to molecular electronics"
"    13th SAOT Workshop on Nonlinear Optics and Interfaces; 26. April 2011

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