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Consumption Corridors

Under what conditions can all people living now or in the future live a good life when our world is characterized by limited planetary resources and growing social inequality? The answer to this question leads to the concept of sustainable consumption corridors. These consumption corridors are limited downwards by minimum consumption standards, which define access to a minimum level of social and ecological resources for the purpose of satisfying needs. At the top, the corridors are limited by consumption maxima that ensure that all individuals can actually have access to this (quantitative and qualitative) minimum level of resources. The concept of consumption corridors thus allows an integrated focus on good living, justice and planetary boundaries.
Other issues that will be explored in this context are indicators of quality of life, and highly sustainable consumption governance. With regard to indicators, we are developing a concept of quality of life in cooperation with colleagues at the WWU Münster, the TU Darmstadt and the University of Twente, which integrates economic, social and political determinants of wellbeing and aspects of sustainability, specifically intra- and intergenerational justice and planetary boundaries. We investigate which of the existing indicators and indices of quality of life reflect this concept well and to what extent an integration of these aspects of wellbeing and sustainability in one index is possible and useful.

This research focus within the team is reflected in international collaborations, regular conferences and workshops and a large number of publications.

Selected Publications

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Past conferences and workshops

  • 2020, Internationaler, (Corona-bedingt) virtueller Workshop zu Consumption Corridors: Living Well within Limits
  • 2019 Universität Genf, Internationaler Workshop zu “Exploring concepts and implications”, organisiert von Marlyne Sahakian, Manisha Amarantham, Antonietta Di Giulio, Doris Fuchs, Sylvia Lorek und Julia Steinberger, finanziert vom Schweizer Nationalfond.
  • 2018 Panel Serie zu “Living well in a world of limits: advances in the study of sufficiency, needs and wellbeing” organisiert von Antonietta Di Giulio, Doris Fuchs, Sylvia Lorek und Marlyne Sahakian auf der Internationalen Konferenz der Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative, Kopenhagen
  • 2016 und 2017 Konsumkorridore, Internationaler Workshop, WWU Münster
  • 2015 Nachhaltiger Konsum und Gerechtigkeit, Internationaler Workshop, WWU Münster
  • 2014 Nachhaltiger Konsum und Macht, Internationaler Workshop, WWU Münster
  • 2013 Auf der Suche nach dem guten Leben – Die Perspektive des nachhaltigen Konsums, Internationale Konferenz, WWU Münster, organisiert gemeinsam mit SCORAI Europe

Past conferences and workshops