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Fields of Research

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Agrifood Governance

In the research area Agrifood Governance, the team focuses on questions of private regulation, innovative policy approaches and the potentials for a sustainable food system.

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The Chair's team develops conceptual approaches for a better understanding of questions of power and processes of financialization.

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Energy Policy

The Chair analyzes questions of climate and energy policy at all governance-levels with a special focus on the interaction of local, national and european governance levels.

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Sustainable Consumption

In the field of research 'sustainable consumption', the Chair looks at the over-consumption of natural resources by consumption practices by the global North.

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In the research field of participation, the team researches questions of citizen participation in the context of the challenges of a socio-ecological transformation towards sustainability

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Responsibility and Environment

How responsibility is understood and practiced by different actors has a direct influence on what measures are taken in the future to make societies at all levels more sustainable. Learn more about this here.