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The Origen Research Centre, located at the WWU Münster and led by Prof. Dr. Dr. Alfons Fürst, follows several projects concerning the Alexandrian philosopher and theologian Origen (185-253/4). The research center edits, not only a bilingual edition of Origen's writings and a publication series dedicated to the thought of the great Alexandrian theologian and the history of its reception, but also organises various workshops and seminars on Origen's Nachleben.

Recent workshops, organised by the Origen Research Centre and by other Origen-related institutes, can be found here, and recent publications of the centre can be found here.

The research centre is open Monday-Wednesday from 9:30 am to 11:00 am.

10 Years Origen Research Centre in Münster

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In October 2008, the Origen Research Centre was established at the Department of Catholic Theology of Münster University. The 10th anniversary was celebrated on Thursday, 25 October 2018, followed by a workshop on „Freedom as Key Category in Origen and in Modern Theology“. The opening lecture was given by Prof. Dr. Volker Gerhardt (Berlin) on “Freiheit als philosophische und theologische Schlüsselkategorie”.