The Origeniana Tertia Decima [en] is hosted by the Origen Research Centre at the University of Münster in Germany.

The conference takes place at WWU Münster, Faculty of Catholic Theology.

Note: Due to the corona pandemic, the Origeniana XIII has been postponed to 2022. The new date is: 15-19 August 2022.

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of the Origen Research Centre

The Origen Research Centre, located at the WWU Münster and led by Prof. Dr. Dr. Alfons Fürst, follows several projects concerning the Alexandrian philosopher and theologian Origen (185-253/4). The research center edits not only a bilingual edition of Origen's writings and a publication series dedicated to the thought of the great Alexandrian theologian and the history of its reception, but also organises various workshops and seminars on Origen's Nachleben. Finally, several PhD projects are supervised.

Recent workshops, organised by the Origen Research Centre and by other Origen-related institutes, can be found here, and recent publications of the centre can be found here.

The Research Centre is currently closed.


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Book Launch and Celebration

On the Occasion of the 25th volume in the series Adamantiana and Origenes Werke Deutsch, the Origen Research Centre organized a Book Launch and Celebration with international guests via zoom on December 17th 2020.
After welcoming remarks and a short introduction from Alfons Fürst, head of the Origen Research Centre in Münster, two representatives from publishing houses, Albrecht Döhnert (de Gruyter) and Bernward Kröger (Aschendorff) talked about their longstanding work with the Origen Research Centre. Furthermore, Markus Schmitz (Office of Typographic Services) shared his insights on the exciting work with the Latin and Greek texts as a compositor.
The celebration continued with four interviews with international experts on Origen. Christoph Markschies (Berlin), Peter Martens (St. Louis), Holger Strutwolf (Münster) and Anders-Christian Jacobsen (Aarhus) answered questions about the work and legacy of Origen of Alexandria. They focussed in their explanations on the translations and editorial work which is done in the series Origenes Werke Deutsch as well as on the Research on Origen within conferences and workshops, whose results are being published in the series Adamantiana.

The Origen Research Centre wants to thank everyone who contributed to this amazing milestone! We are looking forward to the many new projects that are yet to come.


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Conclusion of the EU-project "The History of Human Freedom and Dignity in Western Civilization"

From 30-10-2019 to 02-11-2019, the final conference of the EU-project "The History of Human Freedom and Dignity in Western Civilization" took place in Hungarian Pécs.  By this, the project comes to an end after three years of analysing the impact of the christian philosopher Origen on the western thinking of freedom. Besides Prof. Dr. Dr. Fürst as one of the co-coordinator, four PhD Fellows were in Münster in the project involved: Kristian Bunkenborg, Karen Felter, Joshua Roe, and Elisa Zocchi.

Here you can find the press release of the final conference, here its programme.

An Angel, a Demon, and Origen - Alfons Fürst makes a Contribution on the Theological Background of the Series "Good Omens"

The German radio station Deutschlandfunk reported 2019-06-28 on the new BBC-production "Good Omens" and thereby made the link to Origen's Christian Philosophy. At the centre of the series are angel Erziraphael and demon Crowley who are enemies with each other, but form an unequal alliance against the apocalyptic end of the world. That the angel thus acts against God's will, triggers two paradigms of faith dealing with predestination and free will. Alfons Fürst, head of the Origen Research Centre, takes up these two paradigms within a guest commentary and expands on the Origen's defense of free will. The guest commentary is audible and readable on the following website:

Tim Baumann (Deutschlandfunk), Alfons Fürst - Series "Good Omens" (2019-06-28)

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Origen in Late Antique Upper Egypt: Schenoute's Treatise against the Origenists

On 10/11 May 2019, the workshop "Origen in Late Antique Upper Egypt. Schenoute's treatise against the Origenists" took place in Münster. It was opened by a lecture given by the coptologist Stephen Emmel (Münster) on the tradition of the treatise I am amazed by Shenoute of Atripe, the abbot of the white monastery in upper Egypt from the end of the fourth to the middle of the fifth century. The following workshop was shaped by stimulating papers on various aspects of Schenoute's treatise. The first speaker was Alberto Camplani (Rom) who gave a talk on the influence of Theophilus's Festal Letters on Schenoute, the second speaker, Franz Xaver Risch (Berlin), outlined the Origenian background on the handed down beginning of Schenoute's treatise which can be revealed by Origen's scholia, and the third speaker, Jacqueline Wormstädt (Berlin), expounded Schenute's refutation of the denial of corporeal resurrection and situated it within the first Origenist controversy. The end of the workshop was marked by the lecture of Hugo Lundhaug (Oslo) who discussed Schenoute's christology in his treatise I am amazed, which is distinguished from Arianism, Nestorianism, and Apollinarism.

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Coordinator of the Research Centre in Egypt

Prof. Dr. Dr. Alfons Fürst, project coordinator of the Origen Research Centre, gave in march of 2019 two lectures on the exegesis and philosophy of Origen of Alexandria in Cairo and Alexandria. He was invited by the Alexandria School Foundation for Christian Studies, an institute of the Coptic Church in Cairo, which offers lectures to interested students, regardless of age and profession. Two lectures were recorded and can be seen here:

Prof. Dr. Dr. Alfons Fürst, Vortrag "Exegesis and Philosophy in Early Christianity"

Prof. Dr. Dr. Alfons Fürst, Vortrag "Exegesis as Way of Life"

10 Years Origen Research Centre in Münster

In October 2008, the Origen Research Centre was established at the Department of Catholic Theology of Münster University. The 10th anniversary was celebrated on Thursday, 25 October 2018, followed by a workshop on „Freedom as Key Category in Origen and in Modern Theology“. The opening lecture was given by Prof. Dr. Volker Gerhardt (Berlin) on “Freiheit als philosophische und theologische Schlüsselkategorie”.