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Research InterestsTopology, Homotopy Theory, Higher Categories, Arithmetic
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Mathematics Münster

A: Arithmetic and Groups

A1: Arithmetic, geometry and representations
Current PublicationsDotto E., Krause A., Nikolaus T., Patchkoria I. Witt vectors with coefficients and characteristic polynomials over non-commutative rings. Vol. 158 (2), 2022, pp 366-408 online
Antieau, Benjamin; Krause, Achim; Nikolaus, Thomas On the K-theory of Z/pn. , 2022 online
Land, Markus; Nikolaus, Thomas; Schlichting, Marco L-theory of C∗-algebras. , 2022 online
Antieau B., Nikolaus T. Cartier modules and cyclotomic spectra. Vol. 34 (1), 2021, pp 1-78 online
Hebestreit F., Land M., Nikolaus T. On the homotopy type of L-spectra of the integers. Vol. 14 (1), 2021, pp 183-214 online
Barwick, Clark; Glasman, Saul; Mathew, Akhil; Nikolaus, Thomas K-theory and polynomial functors. , 2021 online
Hesselholt L., Nikolaus T. Algebraic k-theory of planar cuspidal curves. K-Theory in Algebra, Analysis and TopologyContemporary Mathematics Vol. 749, 2020, pp 139-148 online
Nikolaus T., Waldorf K. Higher Geometry for Non-geometric T-Duals. Vol. 374 (1), 2020, pp 317-366 online
Calmès B, Dotto E, Harpaz Y, Hebestreit F, Land M, Moi K, Nardin D, Nikolaus T, Steimle W Hermitian K-theory for stable ∞-categories III: Grothendieck-Witt groups of rings. , 2020 online
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