Claudia Rüdiger

Oberseminar Topologie: Gong Show

Wednesday, 17.04.2024 16:30 im Raum M4

Mathematik und Informatik

There will be 8 speakers, each will have 5 minutes for a blackboard talk and 2 minutes to answer 1-2 questions from the audience. The line-up and titles are follows: 1. Arthur Bartels: K-theory of Hecke algebras 2. Konrad Bals: The Topological Cartier--Raynaud Ring 3. Johannes Ebert: Tautological classes and higher signatures 4. Robert Szafarczyk: Number rings over the sphere spectrum 5. Edith Hübner: Animated lambda-rings and Frobenius lifts 6. Michael Weiss: The diffeomorphism group of an exotic sphere 7. Devarshi Mukherjee: Bivariant homotopy algebraic K-theory 8. Thomas Nikolaus: Maps between spherical group rings

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