This page provides an overview of current and past theses in this group. However, since this page is still under construction , the list is not yet exhaustive.

If you are interested in writing a thesis or doing a research module in this group please contact a member and provide some information on your specific interests and what kind of thesis you would like to write here.

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    Wiechers, SarahDevelopment of software components for and analysis of DNA barcoding data of the German flora
    Stöver, BenSoftware Components for increased Data Reuse and Reproducibility in Phylogenetics and Phylogenomics
    Röschenbleck, JoachimTaxonomy, phylogenetics, and plastome evolution in Pelargonium
    Testroet, PhilipDNA-Barcoding and ex-situ cultures: a floristic and molecular biological analysis of soil spore banks
    Schäper, KatharinaTaxonomic and phylogenetic studies in hemiparasitic genera of Orobanchaceae
    Krug, MichaelAttributing differences in phylogenetic structure to molecular structural elements
    Schäferhoff, BastianCarnivory in Lamiales: Phylogeny, taxonomy, and chloroplast genome evolution
    Wicke, SusannAssessing the Evolutionary Patterns of Plastid Genome Reduction in a Group of Non-Photosynthetic Parasitic Angiosperms (Orobanchaceae)