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The Growth of the Evolutionary Thought

Public lecture series

"The Growth of the Evolutionary Thought" is an interdisciplinary lecture series dealing with aspects of Evolution within the disciplines Biology, Medicine, Geosciences, and Philosophy. It provides an in-depth introduction to the history and philosophy of evolutionary science.

The lecture series is also part of the Advanced Module (Fortgeschrittenenmodul) "The Growth of the Evolutionary Thought" for MSc and PhD students. More information

Timetable winter semester 2022/23

Mondays, 17.00 - 18.15 in lecture hall of the Institute for Evolution & Biodiversity (Hüfferstraße 1)
Date Speaker Title

Jorge Contreras Garduño
UNAM, Morelia, Mexico

Specific immune memory in the wild

Benjamin Bomfleur
University of Münster, Geosciences

Paleobotany - How plant fossils inform evolutionary thinking

Abderrahman Khila
University of Lyon

How the acquisition of new adaptive phenotypes shapes the evolutionary history of lineages: an Evo-Devo perspective


Ralf Stanewsky
University of Münster, Neuro- & Behavioral Biology

Drosophila circadian rhythms: Adaptation and persistence to different environments

Lukas Schrader
University of Münster, Evolution & Biodiversity

Genome evolution under relaxed selection in socially parasitic ants

Johanna Rhodes
University Medical center, Nijmegen

Evolution of drug resistance in pathogenic fungi



Aoife McLysaght
University of Dublin

Polyploidy and rediploidisation in stressful times

Kees van Oers
Netherlands Inst of Ecology, Wageningen

The epigenetics of behaviour and cognition

Claudia Bank
University of Bern

Epistasis and adaptation on fitness landscapes

Marie Kaiser
Bielefeld University

Individual-level mechanisms in studies of Behavior, Ecology and Evolution

Petra Dersch
University of Münster, Medicine

Shaping Yersinia virulence for broad host infections

The Lectures are held in the lecture hall of the Institute for Evolution & Biodiversity (Hüfferstraße 1) and online via zoom (link upon request: Pete Czuppon)

Programme Winter semester 2023/24