Introduction to Bioethics

7- 9 Februrary 2018

Lecturer: Konstantin Schnieder

In this course the PhD students gained both a concise overview about the basics of moral reasoning and the major traditions of ethical theory, as well as applied their insights to some contemporary issues in bioethics. The course proceeded in three steps: Firstly, the PhD students worked out some of the basic features of moral judgments and moral arguments by discussing moral dilemmas. In a second step, major theories (consequentialism, deontology, rights theory, virtue theory) were introduced that have been advanced in the history of normative ethics and still figure prominently in recent discourse. Finally and against this backdrop, some recent topics in bioethics were discussed, e.g.: Is it permissible to use human embryos for purposes of scientific research? Should modern technologies of genome editing be advanced so that they could one day be used for therapeutic germline modification?

Teaching ethics at the Research Training Group was a very enjoyable and inspiring experience. Not only were the students greatly interested, open-minded and eager for controversial discussion as well as careful philosophical analysis. Also, sharing perspectives and knowledge from different disciplinary and cultural backgrounds proved very stimulating and informative for discussing both moral theories and applied problems in bioethics.
Lecturer Konstantin Schnieder (Center for Bioethics)
Ana Korsa 230px
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It was surprisingly interesting. As someone without background in Philosophy, I´ve learned really a lot. It gave me an opportunity for a lot of interesting disscusions and questioning my own opinions. Even though I became sick in the beginning of the course, that didn´t stop me from going until the end :-)

Ana Korsa (PhD student in project A4)

Ana Lindeza 230
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Very well-prepared and useful workshop. In such short time, provided the necessary conceptual framework on moral and ethics to better decision making and understanding of some arising bioethical dilemmas.

Ana Sofia Lindeza (Associated PhD student in project A4)

Valerio Vitali 230px
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The Bioethics workshop taught within the EvoPAD RTG was yet another initiative to bring philosophy and life sciences in close proximity. Ever so relevant topics such as genetic enhancement and moral status of the human embryo were actively discussed within the theoretical framework of ethics. All in all, an engaging and intellectually stimulating experience.

Valerio Vitali (PhD student in project B2)