EvoPAD Career Talks

EvoPAD regularly invites representatives from academia, industry, or the social/cultural sector to talk about the nature and scope of their work and the path they took into their career. The doctoral students will gain first-hand information on job perspectives and learn what conditions and factors contribute to successfully realising a certain career goal. Moreover, students may take the opportunity to connect with potential employers.

23 January 2019, 5 pm Vanessa Rüttler (Faculty of Biology, WWU/LWL Museum for Natural History, Münster)
28 March 2019, 4 pm Dr. Rebecca Schreiber (SAFIR Research Funding Support, WWU)
30 April 2019 Dr. Frederik Franke (Bayrische Landesanstalt für Wald und Forstwissenschaft, Freising)
23 May 2019 Dr. Shirin Glander (codecentric AG, Münster)
25 June 2019 Alexander Rüschoff (DOCS International)
19 September 2019, 5pm Dr. Susanne Sangenstedt (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Bonn)
14 October 2019, 4 pm Prof. Dr. Oliver Planz (Atriva Therapeutics GmbH, Tübingen)