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Three-phase EvoPAD education programme

The education programme will provide the students with the necessary tools for a successful career in a multidisciplinary, fast-changing scientific world. It will be tailored to individual students, especially towards the end of the doctoral phase. The curriculum will be structured into three phases, which generally correspond to year one to three of the doctoral studies. To maintain flexibility, single elements may be shifted between the phases.


  • (1) Cross-disciplinary training

    The first phase will enable the doctoral students to gain insight into the EvoPAD research areas and obtain basic knowledge within the different disciplines. The doctoral students will be able to choose from multidisciplinary elements specifically designed for EvoPAD as well as from single teaching elements of the Münster Graduate School of Evolution and the established master programmes within the different faculties.





  • (2) Science-skills training

    The second period focuses on principles and tools of scientific work and skills to communicate results to the scientific community.


    • Seminar series "From experimental design to publishing"
    • EvoPAD Forum (interdisciplinary discussion group)
    • Good scientific practice
    • Training on animal experiments
    • Training elements by university partners, e.g., on scientific writing and presentations
  • (3) Tailored education

    The third period aims at qualifications that will be tailored to the individual students’ career plans, taking into account the diversity of future careers. There will be three main tracks: (A) Academia track, (B) Industry track, (C) Society track


    • EvoPAD career talks
    • Development of teaching and leadership skills
    • Internships
    • Training elements by university partners, e.g., on language skills, self-marketing, or communication strategies