Seminar: From Experimental Design to Publishing

From 1-4 July 2019 EvoPAD organises a compact course that will take the doctoral students through planning a qualitative project and preparing a manuscript. The course will provide an introduction to experimental design, validity and reproducibility in research, data collection and management as well as the publishing process. In addition to lectures and hands-on sessions, doctoral students will have the opportunity to address individual issues related to their own research projects.

2019-02-21 Ee Workshop
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Workshop on Experimental Evolution

On 21-22 February 2019 thirty PhD students, postdocs and PIs met for a workshop focusing on experimental evolution organized by EvoPAD PhD students Nina Kranke and Ana Lindeza. On the first day, keynote speakers Claudia Fricke (University of Münster), Eric Desjardins (Western University, CA), Thomas Flatt (EvoPAD Mercator Fellow, University of Fribourg, CH), and Henrique Teotónio (University of Paris, FR) presented concepts, examples, challenges in experimental design, omics technologies for analyses and philosophical aspects of experimental evolution. The talks were followed by a poster session where graduate students presented and discussed their projects with the keynote speakers and other participants. On the second day, the participants gathered in small groups to discuss appropriate controlling of experimental evolution experiments, the use of genonimcs vs. transcriptomics as analysis tools in experimental evolution and external validity. At the end of the workshop, the participants concluded that the workshop was resoundingly successful and provided valuable insights on planning and running an experimental evolution project. The programme of the workshop can be downloaded here.

EvoPAD Forum

EvoPAD forums are interdisciplinary discussion groups consisting of doctoral students, postdocs, and PIs who deal with a specific methodological problem or seek for common definitions and concepts in the field of evolution and medicine. Currently, there are two EvoPAD forums running:

  • EvoPAD Forum on the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis (organised by Ana Sofia Lindeza)
  • EvoPAD Forum on 'What is pathogenicity?' (organised by Verónica Ferrando and Hanna Klimek)

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Training in Scientific Writing

Presenting research in concise, interesting and convincing publications represents a challenge for many scientists. Yet, since success in the academic field is highly dependent on successful publication, formal training in scientific writing provides an excellent opportunity to learn scientific writing essentials. On 29-30 January 2019 EvoPAD PhD students completed a course on scientific writing taught by Dr. Melanie Conrad from the Charité Berlin. The course comprised lectures and interactive exercises on general writing guidelines and the challenges and requirements of scientific writing. A PhD student commented after the workshop: "This should be a compulsory workshop for PhD students in biology. I think it would be helpful in any stage of their PhD."

2018-03-27 Gsp Workshop
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Good Scientific Practice Training

The quality of research is inextricably linked to good scientific practice. The EvoPAD PhD students successfully completed a training on the basic rules and values of responsible conduct in research in all its stages on 27 - 28 March 2018. They explored differences and grey areas between good scientific practice, questionable research practice and scientific misconduct and learned how misconduct can be recognized and prevented. The workshop was held by Dr. Michael Gommel from the Institut für systemische Medizin- und Organisationsethik. The PhD students concluded after the workshop: “Actually every researcher should have had such a course at one point of his studies.”.