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A group of enthusiastic and talented doctoral students, a good dozen experienced and recognized senior researchers, and a handful of selected associated researchers build the interdisciplinary team of EvoPAD.

Principal Investigators

EvoPAD is run by a team of thirteen researchers from the Faculty of Biology, the Medical Faculty, and the Department of Philosophy at the University of Münster.

Doctoral Students

Doctoral students are the core of EvoPAD and are enabled to conduct independent research early on in the participating institutions.

Associated Doctoral Students

To establish a vibrant research environment EvoPAD associates externally funded doctoral students whose research is aligned with the aims of RTG.

Transition Postdoctoral Researchers

To support excellent young researchers in academics, EvoPAD grants start-up funding to RTG graduates to develop independent postdoctoral research projects.

Associated Researchers

Associated Researchers extend the interdisciplinary research and education programme of EvoPAD and complement the work of the Principal Investigators.

Mercator Fellows

EvoPAD's expertise is reinforced by Mercator Fellows who are associated with the project over the long term and are partially on site.

Steering Committee

The RTG is overseen by the Steering Committee that is formed by three PIs and two doctoral students.


The EvoPAD coordinator supports the Research Training Group in all administrative and organizational matters.


The offices of the Equal Opportunity Commissioner and the Ombudsperson are provided by the Münster Graduate School of Evolution.


EvoPAD PhD graduates and former participating researchers.