Reading Sessions

The Reading Sessions are the place for the joint reading and discussion of sources and conceptual texts (from historical, legal-historical and legal-ethnological perspectives), which the fellows present in rotation. The aim is to exemplify processes of pluralisation and unification across epochs and cultures and to illuminate them from different methodological perspectives.

On the one hand, the reading sessions provide intensive insights into the individual research projects on the basis of concrete source texts, a selection of which will be compiled in a "source reader". On the other hand, the discussions enable the development of a common conceptual apparatus or "glossary", which is intended to facilitate interdisciplinary intelligibility about terms, concepts and processes in the unification and pluralisation of law.

  • Dates in summer term 2023

    14.06.2023 | 2.00 pm | João Figueiredo

    28.06.2023 | 2.00 pm | Armando Guevara Gil

    12.07.2023 | 2.00 pm | Radhika Singha

  • Dates in the winter semester 2022/2023

    24.11.2022 | 2.00 pm

    08.12.2022 | 2.00 pm

    19.01.2023 | 2.00 pm

  • Dates in the summer semester 2022

    21.04.2022 | 2.00 pm

    12.05.2022 | 2.00 pm

  • Dates in the winter semester 2021/2022

    02.12.2021 | 2.00 pm
    Text reading: Laura Benton/Richard J. Ross, “Empires and Legal Pluralism: Jurisdiction, Sovereignty, and Political Imagination in the Early Modern World”, in: Laura Benton / Richard J. Ross (Eds.), Legal Pluralism and Empires, 1500-1800, NYU Press 2013, 1-17.

    13.01.2022 | 2.00 pm
    Source presentation by Prof. Dr. Peter Oestmann

    27.01.2022 | 2.00 pm
    Source presentation by Prof. Dr. Ulrike Ludwig