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Second workshop on law in the pre-modern city

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The workshop series “Gesellschaftliche Diversität und Phänomene rechtlicher Einheit und Vielfalt in der vormodernen Stadt” (Social Diversity and Phenomena of Legal Unity and Pluralism in the Pre-Modern City) enters its second round. Having focused on trade, it will now deal on 6 September 2022 with the effects of religious and denominational diversity on forms of legal pluralism and unity.

Focusing on the epoch of the early modern period, the one-day workshop will bring together four contributions on cities in the Old Empire, in England, as well as in East Central Europe. “How religious and denominational plurality was dealt with varied greatly both here and there”, says the organiser Prof. Dr. Ulrike Ludwig (Director of the Käte Hamburger Kolleg). “While religious plurality was taken for granted in pre-modern Eastern European cities, denominational unity was deemed the ideal of the urban community in the West. This presumably also influenced the respective law and judicial practice, for example with regard to dealing with religious minorities”.

Organised in cooperation with the Institut für vergleichende Städtegeschichte, the series of events will examine the interrelationship of social and legal plurality in the city. The third and last workshop will then deal with the correlation of different city types and forms of legal unity and pluralism.

Detailed information on the workshop can be found here.