Topics of research:

The main focus is the development and synthesis of novel ligands for receptors in the Central Nervous System.

Of particular interest are:

  • NMDA-receptors (PCP-binding site, NR1B/2B-subunit)
  • Opioid-receptors (mü, kappa and delta)
  • sigma-receptor (sigma1 and sigma2)
  • Neurokinin-receptors

Synthesis of novel ligands:

  • Stereoselective synthesis (asymmetric synthesis, diastereoselective synthesis, chiral-pool-Synthesis)
  • Application of enzymes for stereoselective synthesis

Receptor affinity:

  • Determination of the receptor affinity by performing competition experiments with selective, tritium-labelled reference compounds (in vitro)
  • Structure-affinity-relationships

Systematic optimization of the ligands:

  • Molecular modelling
International Research Training Group Münster - Nagoya (Japan)
Graduate School of Chemistry