• Research Areas

    • On-Surface Chemistry
    • Supramolecular Chemistry
    • Photo-Switches
    • Self-Replicators
    • Polymerisation
    • Photocatalysis
    • Host-Guest-Chemistry
  • CV

    since 2022

    Tenured Research Staff (Scientific Coordination and Occupational, Health and Environmental Safety Management) in the group of Prof. Dr. Bart Jan Ravoo, University Muenster
    Research Focus: Photo-Switches in Aqueous Media and their Application in Host-Guest Chemistry

    2021 - 2022

    Postdoctoral Researcher in the group of Prof. Dr. Armido Studer, University Muenster
    DAAD PRIME Fellowship
    Research Focus: Co-Factor based Photocatalysis with Self-Replicators and Mechanochemistry

    2020 - 2021

    Postdoctoral Researcher in the Group of Prof. Dr. Sijbren Otto, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
    DAAD PRIME Fellowship
    Research Focus: New Catalytically-Active Self-Replicators towards Particle Division, Negative Feedback and Darwinian Evolution in Synthetic Systems


    PhD in Organic Chemistry, University Muenster
    Thesis title: Development of New On-Surface Chemical Reactions for the Preparation of π-Conjugated Polymers

    2016 - 2020

    Research Assistant in the Research Group of Prof. Dr. Armido Studer, University Muenster
    Research Focus: Design and Synthesis of Monomers for On-Surface Polymerisations and the Clarification of Product Structure and Reaction Mechanism

    2016 - 2019

    Student Coordinator of the integrated research training group of SFB858, University Muenster

    2014 - 2016

    MSc in Chemistry, University Muenster
    Master Thesis: Synthesis of Molecular Building Blocks for the Investigation of Their Self-Assembly and Subsequent On-Surface Chemistry

    2011 - 2014

    BSc in Chemistry, University Muenster
    Bachelor Thesis: Preparation of Alternating Copolymers via NMP and Subsequent Orthogonal Bifunctionalization

  • Publications

    Water-Soluble Arylazoisoxazole Photoswitches
    F. Höglsperger, F. A. Larik, C. Bai, M. D. Seyfried, C. Daniliuc, H. Klaasen, P. Thordarson, J. E. Beves, B. J. Ravoo, Chem. Eur. J. 2023, 29, e202302069. DOI

    Highly Selective On-Surface Reactions of Aryl Propiolic Acids via Decarboxylative Coupling
    H. Kong, L. Viergutz, L. Liu, A. Sandvoß, X. Peng, H. Klaasen, H. Fuchs, A. Studer, Adv. Mater. 2023, 35, 2210997. DOI

    Conformational evolution following the sequential molecular dehydrogenation of PMDI on a Cu(111) surface
    L. Liu, A. Timmer, E.Kolodzeiski, H.-Y. Gao, H. Mönig, H. Klaasen, X. Meng, J. Ren, A. Studer, S. Amirjalayer, H. Fuchs, Nanoscale Adv. 2021, 3, 6373-6378. DOI

    Polymerization of silanes through dehydrogenative Si–Si bond formation on metal surfaces
    L. Liu, H. Klaasen, M. C. Witteler, B. Schulze Lammers, A. Timmer, H. Kong, H. Mönig, H.-Y. Gao, J. Neugebauer, H. Fuchs, A. Studer, Nat. Chem. 2021, 13, 350-357. DOI

    Azo bond formation on metal surfaces
    X. Meng, H. Klaasen, L. Viergutz, B. Schulze Lammers, M. C. Witteler, H. Mönig, S. Amirjalayer, L. Liu, J. Neugebauer, H.-Y. Gao, A. Studer, H. Fuchs, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2021, 60, 1458-1464. DOI

    Aryl Triflates in On-Surface Chemistry
    J. Ren, H. Klaasen, M. C. Witteler, L. Viergutz, J. Neugebauer, H.-Y. Gao, A. Studer, H. Fuchs, Chem. Eur. J. 2020, 26, 16727-16732. DOI

    Intermolecular Coupling and Intramolecular Cyclization of Aryl Nitriles on Au(111)
    H. Klaasen, L. Liu, H. Gao, L. Viergutz, P. Held, T. Knecht, X. Meng, M. C. Börner, D. Barton, S. Amirjalayer, J. Neugebauer, A. Studer, H. Fuchs, Chem. Commun. 2019, 55, 11611-11614. DOI

    Reaction Selectivity in On-Surface Chemistry by Surface Coverage Control - Alkyne Dimerization versus Alkyne Trimerization
    H. Klaasen, L. Liu, X. Meng, P. A. Held, H.-Y. Gao, D. Barton, C. Mück-Lichtenfeld, J. Neugebauer, H. Fuchs, A. Studer, Chem. Eur. J. 2018, 24, 15303-15308. DOI

    α-Diazo Ketones in On-Surface Chemistry
    L. Liu, H. Klaasen, A. Timmer, H.-Y. Gao, D. Barton, H. Mönig, J. Neugebauer, H. Fuchs, A. Studer ,J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018, 140, 6000-6005. DOI

    Alternating Copolymerization by Nitroxide-Mediated Polymerization and Subsequent Orthogonal Functionalization
    M. Tesch, J. A. M. Hepperle, H. Klaasen, M. Letzel, A. Studer, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54, 5054-5059. DOI