8th Annual Symposium of the IRTG 2027

11. – 12. April 2019

- Schedule -

Thursday, 11.04.2019

13:30–14:45                               1. Session   


13:30          Opening Addresses
                   Prof. Dr. F. Ekkehardt Hahn

13:35          Phosphorus(III) Dicationic Lewis Acids: Insights into the catalytic potential and reactivity of main group coordination compounds
                   Ryan J. Andrews

13:55          Direct synthesis of protic NHC (pNHC) complexes of iron(0): synthesis and catalytic activity
                   Jenny Linde

14:15           Peptide Gel Materials
                    Prof. Dr. Heinz-Bernhard Kraatz

14:45–16:15           Coffee Break & Poster Session

16:15–17:25                               2. Session

16:15         Semiconducting Polymers with Complex Architectures
                  Prof. Dr. Dwight Seferos

16:45         The two faces of sterically encumbered three-coordinate phosphorus compounds
                  Tobias Eder

17:05         Catalyst Design by additive Ligand Acidity Constants
                  Molly M. H. Sung


Friday, 12.04.2019

12:30–13:55                               3. Session

12:30          A versatile and unified Electronic Parameter based on 13C NMR Spectroscopy
                   Prof. Dr. Han Vinh Huynh

13:15          Catalyst Transfer Polycondensation
                   Susan Cheng

13:35          Hydrogenation of Borylated Arenes
                   Marco Wollenburg

13:55–14:25                           Coffee Break

14:25–15:35                               4. Session      


14:25          Frustrated Lewis Pairs based on phosphorus and gallium atoms (P/Ga and P2/Ga) – ring cleavage, C-C bond formation and coordination behavior
                   Prof. Dr. Werner Uhl

14:55          NHC-coordinated Trisilacyclopropylidene: Ring Expansion Reactions with C−X triple bonds (X = C, N, P)
                   Benedikt Guddorf

15:15          Metal-Hydride Vibrations: The Trans-Effect of a Hydride
                   David Schnieders

15:35           Closing remarks
                    Prof. Dr. F. Ekkehardt Hahn



Thursday: Lecture Hall A1

Friday:      Lecture Hall O1

Poster session:

Coffee Breaks:

In Front of Lecture Hall C1

In Front of Lecture Hall C1


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