”Mathematics helps us to understand biological organisms in their entirety“ – an interview with Benedikt Wirth

Prof Benedikt Wirth deals with patterns and shapes. These are very traditional mathematical topics, which can be applied to biomedical fields, as the branching patterns of blood vessels or the shape of organs is of great interest for physicians and basic researchers.

  • Participation in “Cells in Motion”

    • Deputy Spokesperson for the Cells in Motion Interfaculty Centre
    • Supervisor in the CiM-IMPRS Graduate Programme
    • Research interests: mathematical image processing, inverse problems, regularization techniques, motion compensation, blood vessel and leukocyte imaging
    • Project FF-2016-15: Quantitative analysis of local subcellular cell junction activity by JAIL formation and its impact on endothelial cell migration and barrier function (Jochen Seebach, Benedikt Wirth, project time: 07/2016 - 10/2018)
    • Project FF-2014-07: Intravital microscopy of neutrophil extravasation into the peritoneum (Konrad Buscher, Jian Song, Benedikt Wirth, project time: 07/2014 - 06/2016)

  • papers by Benedikt Wirth

    Papers in the research focus “cell dynamics and imaging”


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