Participation in the Cluster of Excellence

CiM Group Leader

  • Research Area A.5: Surface-Targeted Tracking of Individual Cells In Vivo
  • Research Area B.2: Regulation of Vascular Permeability and Leukocyte Extravasation
  • Research Area C.1: Angiogenic Blood Vessel Growth and Vessel Wall Assembly
  • Research Area C.2: Monitoring and Targeting of Tumour-Associated Vessels and Cells
  • Project FF-2017-08 – The role of integrins in platelet cohesion with tumor cells and platelet-mediated tumor cell adhesion (Johannes A. Eble, Carsten Höltke; project time: 11/2017 - 12/2018)

CiM Papers

further papers by Johannes Eble


Grosche J, Meissner J, Eble JA. More than a syllable in fib-ROS-is: The role of ROS on the fibrotic extracellular matrix and on cellular contacts. Mol Aspects Med 2018;63: 30-46. Abstract
Lima AM, Wegner SV, Martins Cavaco AC, Estevao-Costa MI, Sanz-Soler R, Niland S, Nosov G, Klingauf J, Spatz JP, Eble JA. The spatial molecular pattern of integrin recognition sites and their immobilization to colloidal nanobeads determine alpha2beta1 integrin-dependent platelet activation. Biomaterials 2018;167: 107-120. Abstract