University of Münster and FAPESP publish new joint call for proposals SPRINT

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As part of the FAPESP (São Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration) SPRINT funding program, the research funding organization FAPESP of the state of São Paulo and the University of Münster once again launched a joint call for proposals to support up to three (3) mobility projects between researchers from the University of Münster and the state of São Paulo in order to promote research collaboration. The call is open to all disciplines.

The goal is to promote the preparation of joint research projects by funding reciprocal scientific meetings. Subsequently, funding for these research projects should be requested from FAPESP and a funding agency on the German side, such as the German Research Foundation (DFG).

FAPESP will provide up to 10,000 euros per project. The University of Münster will also contribute up to 10,000 euros per project, whereby 50% of University´s funding will be provided by the Brazil Centre and 50% shall be co-financed by the researchers with other funds (institute, department, third-party funds or others).

On the Brazilian side, researchers who have an ongoing research project funded by FAPESP are eligible to apply for SPRINT. For more details we recommend to observe items 3.1. and 4.2. of the FAPESP call.

The deadline for submitting proposals closes on 30 January 2023.

For more information:
SPRINT Edition 2/2022
Guidelines University of Münster

Research project form
Budget sheet

This call is based on the 2020 renewed cooperation agreement between FAPESP and the University of Münster, which can be accessed here.