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The Faculty of Biology in Münster is a stronghold of plant research. We explore plant life in its full diversity, covering its molecular, cellular and organismic levels as well as its interactions with the environment. Our aim is to understand the fundamental principles of how plants function and to integrate our findings with biotechnological and agronomic applications for sustainable food and resource production. Our research is driven by curiosity and the latest achievements in genomics and genome editing, functional mass spectrometry for proteome and metabolite analysis, in vivo biosensing, high-resolution live microscopy and (directed) evolution. Based on a modern infrastructure, innovative research approaches and proactive support of young talents, the focus area Plants paves the way towards integrated species protection, sustainable agriculture and a climate-neutral bio-economy.

Sprecher*in: Prof. Dr. Jörg Kudla
Stellv. Sprecher*in: Prof. Dr. Dirk Prüfer

Institut für Biologie und Biotechnologie der Pflanzen: AG Finkemeier, AG Hippler, AG Kudla, AG Moerschbacher, AG Prüfer, AG Schwarzländer, AG von Schaewen
Institut für Evolution und Biodiversität: AG Müller, AG Xu

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