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"De novo domestication of wild tomato using genome editing"

Recently, our work on plant iron deficiency has been published in Developmental Cell:

Gratz, R., Manishankar, P., Ivanov, R., Köster, P., Mohr, I., Trofimov, K., Steinhorst, L., Meiser, J., Mai, H.-J., Drerup, M., Arendt, S., Holtkamp, M., Karst, U., Kudla, J., Bauer, P. and Brumbarova, T.
CIPK11-Dependent Phosphorylation Modulates FIT Activity to Promote Arabidopsis Iron Acquisition in Response to Calcium Signaling.
Developmental Cell

Plants adapt the iron acquisition in their roots to their current requirements. Iron deficiency triggers calcium signals. This information is passed on, activating the effector protein FIT.<address>© HHU / Tzvetina Brumbarova</address>
© HHU / T. Brumbarova

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