© Sruthi

August 31, 2023: Project granted: Lab to Field - NRW Patent Validation grant to support Dr. Sruthi Sreekumar’s and Dr. Carolin Richter’s planned biotech start-up greEnCAP

Finally, we received confirmation that our application for a NRW Patent Validation Grant for the patent "chitoCAP" was successful. We will use the budget to allow Dr. Sruthi Sreekumar and Dr. Carolin Richter to further validate their technology to produce chitosan-stabilized microemulsions of hydrophobic bio-actives such as plant essential oils to be used as environment-friendly and consumer-safe agro-biologics for sustainable agriculture.

farewell party for Martin Bonin and Christin Meier

Today, after the successful defence of his doctoral thesis, Martin Bonin invited the whole group to his farewell party, jointly with Christin Meier who has worked with us as an excellent and steadily increasingly precious research technician.
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© Judith

Judith Ryll successfully defended her Master thesis: “Comparative analysis of differential gene expressionin response to different chitosans across different plant species”.

Today, Judith Ryll successfully defended her Master thesis on a comparative analysis of transcriptomic data from different plant species treated with different, well-defined chitosans, supported by Prof. Bruno Moerschbacher, and by Prof. Shuqing Xu from the Institute of Evolution and Biodiversity.
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© Philipp Lemke

Farewell-party of Dr. Philipp Lemke

Today, Philipp invited the whole group to his farewell party in the inner courtyard of the institute. Philipp has been one of our “oldest” group members, he joined our lab for the first time during his Master studies in 2013! .
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© LignoLIPP

Online meeting of the LignoLIPP consortium: From LIGNOcellulose sugars to high-value LIPids and bioPolymers in a single fermentation process

Today, the partners of the Norwegian-German “Bioeconomy in the North” project LignoLIPP, which on the German side is financially supported by BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research), met online to report on the progress of the work, plan the final months of the project, and start discussing perspectives for a follow-up project.
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© Abisolo

Book chapter presented: Próxima Geração de Quitosanas como potenciais biofertilizantes – Next Generation of Chitosans as Potential Biostimulants

This summer has been exceedingly hot in Paraná, one of the Southern states in Brazil. Temperatures passed the mark of 40°C, and much of the crop in this most important agricultural area of Brazil dried up in the fields. This is the dramatic background to today’s book presentation on “Aminoácidos, extratos de algas, extratos vegetais e substȃncias húmicas como: Biofertilizantes” (“Amino Acids, Algal Extracts, Plant Extracts, and Humic Substances as: Biostimulants”) to the Brazilian public.
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