News 2020


Project granted: German-Norwegian project “LIGNOLIPP: From LIGNOcellulose sugars to high-value LIPids and bioPolymers in a single fermentation process” will be financially supported by BMBF

Today, we finally received the official approval letter from BMBF, indicating that our German-Norwegian research project LIGNOLIPP on the co-production of valuable lipids and chitosans in Zygomycetes fungi growing on lignocellulose residues from the forestry industry has been granted in the framework of the European research program Bioeconomy in the North.
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Margareta Hellmann successfully defended her Master thesis

Today, Margareta Hellmann successfully defended her Master thesis on the development of new mass spectrometric (and other) tools for the analysis of partially acetylated chitosans and partially methyl-esterified pectins as well as of hydrolytic enzymes degrading these biopolymers.
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© Roberta Paulert

Visiting scientist: our alumna Prof. Dr. Roberta Paulert from Federal University of Paraná in Brazil will stay with us for three months

Welcome back, Roberta, from 36°C-hot Brazil to luckily sunny and currently not awfully cold Münster. Supported by a fellowship from Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst DAAD, our alumna Dr. Roberta Paulert who is now Professor for Biotechnology at the Federal University of Paraná in Palotina, Brazil, will be in our institute for three months to start a new collaborative research project.
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