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Work-family balance at Münster University

A lot of staff and students at universities face special challenges when trying to achieve a balance between their family and their career or their studies. Münster University already offers a wide range of help, and this is due to be expanded. From October 2016 to April 2017 the University’s Press Office has therefore taken a detailed look at different aspects of the subject, and the challenges it involves, under the heading of “work-family balance”.

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Between going to lectures and changing nappies

Anna Gerding, 29, is studying English and French at the University of Münster, training to be a teacher. Some of her lecturers are surprised when she asks for an extension of a deadline because she has a child.


Bernd Christmann with his daughter Karla<address>© WWU/Juliette Polenz</address>
© WWU/Juliette Polenz

Between nappies and science

In this interview with Juliette Polenz, Bernd Christmann, a research assistant at the University and a 37-year-old father, talks about the content of the workshop and the ideas it gave him.

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© FFP/Caroline Queda

Defying the skills shortage with family-friendly HR policies

A study just published, entitled "Balancing career and family with the berufundfamilie audit programme – a case study at Münster University Hospital", asks whether family-friendly measures undertaken by companies can be innovative and, at the same time, a worthwhile social investment.

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© UKM - Roberto Schirdewahn

Between research and family

In their research groups at the Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence, scientists Julia Ghelman and Dr. Eva Korpos are studying how cells behave. Thanks to "LabAid" they were able to continue their research work while they were pregnant and after their children were born.

Everyday life for commuters: many people use the time spent on the train to work or relax.<address>© den-belitsky/</address>
© den-belitsky/

Commuters talk about their everyday life

For many people, commuting is a part of their daily working life. What it means for those concerned is explained in this interview by psychologist Prof. Dr. Carmen Binnewies. Prof. Dr. Bernward Schmidt and Dr. Nils Bahlo also give an idea of what it is like to commute daily.

Georg Barzel<address>© Photo: berufundfamilie Service GmbH</address>
© Photo: berufundfamilie Service GmbH

"Münster University has attained a high level"

Münster of University has been awarded the Seal of Quality as a "family-friendly university" three times. Georg Barzel, an auditor at "berufundfamilie Service" ("workandfamily service"), the organisation which awards the certificates, talks in this interview about the current situation as regards work-family balance and discusses future challenges.

Christine Deters<address>© Photo: Caroline Queda</address>
© Photo: Caroline Queda

Three members of the University staff talk about parental allowance

Exactly ten years ago the German parliament passed a law introducing the payment of an allowance for people taking parental leave. Three members of the staff of Münster University talk about their experience with this financial support.

In-company childcare facilities, a daycare mother or teleworking: these are just some of the possibilities for staff and employers to make work-family balance a reality in everyday working life.<address>© Photo: Monkey Business/</address>
© Photo: Monkey Business/

Much already achieved ‒ but still much more to do

Dr. Regina Ahrens from "Forschungszentrum Familienbewusste Personalpolitik" at Münster University tells about the daily challenges in balancing family life and a career.

Münster University offers its staff a variety of childcare services. Our picture shows Javier Ramon (left) collecting his son, Nilo, from the &quot;Zauberschloss&quot; daycare facility, on Hittorfstraße, where three nursery school teachers look after nine children.<address>© WWU/Peter Grewer</address>
© WWU/Peter Grewer

"Universities have caught up in many ways"

What status does work-family balance have at German universities? From 2011 to 2014 the Centre of Excellence/Women and Science (CEWS) in Cologne undertook a project on this issue entitled "Effective! – For a more family-friendly approach at German universities" Jutta Dalhoff has been head of CEWS since 2006. In this interview with Julia Schwekendiek she explains what characterizes a family-friendly university.

Paula Hesse with her child<address>© privat</address>
© privat

"Family events belong on the list of priorities"

What characterizes a family-friendly university? An academic, a member of the admin staff and a student at Münster University give their answers in the current issue of the University’s newspaper, "wissen|leben".

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