Rules for infected persons and recommendations for contact persons

The current Corona Test and Quarantine Ordinance (CoronaTestQuarantäneVO) includes regulations on segregation for infected persons and recommendations for contact persons. The most important information for this is summarised below.

Positive coronavirus self-test result / Suspected infection

  • In the presence of Corona-specific symptoms, a doctor must be consulted. Your family doctor or a public health service facility will carry out a Corona test on you. If the corona self-test is positive, a control test must be carried out immediately at a testing centre:
    • PCR test, or at least a
    • coronavirus rapid test.
  • Until the test result is received, isolation is mandatory. Direct contact with other persons must be avoided and hygiene and infection protection measures must be strictly observed.
Proof of infection
  • Upon receiving a positive PCR test or certified coronavirus rapid test result, the infected individual must immediately isolate. You are required to isolate even without receiving instructions to do so from the authorities. Similarly, the period of isolation concludes without special notification from the authorities, but rather ends in accordance with the rules put forth in CoronaTestQuarantäneVO.
  • Isolation normally ends ten days after the first symptoms appeared, or ten days after receiving the first positive test.
  • The isolation period may be terminated early if the individual presents a negative PCR test or a negative coronavirus rapid test. The test can be administered no earlier than the fifth day of isolation. The test certificate leading to early termination must be kept for at least one month and presented to the competent authority upon request. The employer must also be notified of the termination of the isolation.
  • Even if the period of isolation is terminated early, the continued use of a medical mask is recommended especially when engaging in contact with vulnerable persons.
  • Positively tested individuals are required to immediately notify all persons with whom they have had close personal contact in the two days prior to taking the test and receiving the test result (see the RKI definition of 1st-degree contact persons).
  • You must inform your employer of your infection and subsequent isolation (as a rule, the HR department).
  • Please notify us of any periods of quarantine or coronavirus infection by email ( Even if you are working exclusively from a home office, please send word via email nonetheless.
Recommendations for contact persons
  • If you are notified that you had close personal contact with a positively tested person, you should try to avoid contact with others especially in indoor settings and in large groups. If business operations allow, you should take advantage of the flexible workplace option provided in your employment contract.
  • Once a contact is known, it is recommended that a corona rapid test be carried out daily for the next five days. The citizen tests can be used for this purpose. If you have unavoidable close contact with an infected person in your work environment, the university management will provide you with the necessary rapid corona tests through the Office of Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection. It should also be noted that only a properly conducted test (in compliance with the test instructions) can provide a valid statement.
Please note
Irrespective of the recommendations provided above, contact persons are still required to perform their professional duties in compliance with the current coronavirus protection measures.
Should symptoms appear within the first ten days of contact with a positively tested person, these individuals are obliged to promptly isolate and get tested.

Further information