Teaching in the summer semester 2022

At the beginning of the semester, we acknowledged the high infection rates in North Rhine-Westphalia and Münster by offering possibilities of digital participation in courses and alternative forms of competence acquisition. As of this past Monday, these measures are no longer obligatory.
Nonetheless, we intend to proceed along the path that we communicated to you before the semester began and to confidently conduct the summer semester in person.

However, we continue to seek solutions for those among us who cannot participate in instruction as desired or expected due to quarantine, isolation or infection. This challenge is one we must all confront together in the summer semester.

We ask our instructors to use the technical possibilities at their disposal to continue streaming or recording their courses – especially lectures which students have been able to previously attend in digital form. At the same time, we understand that instructors of courses with especially small cohorts are returning to full in-person teaching after many weeks in accordance with their didactic concepts. This possibility was explicitly provided as part of the semester planning.
In response to absences due to quarantining or Covid-19 infections, the planned suspension of compulsory attendance in accordance with the Coronavirus Epidemic Higher Education Regulations will provide some needed relief. In this case, students must be able to acquire and demonstrate competence through alternative forms (e.g. self-study) and examinations.

We are certain that students will continue to support and help one another, for example by discussing class materials together, sharing notes etc., especially when fellow students cannot take part in in-person courses should they have to quarantine or fall ill with a coronavirus infection.

In our letter of 13 April 2022, we outlined measures in place for students with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses who cannot participate in in-person courses for health reasons, as well as for instructors whose health is especially endangered by Covid-19. These regulations remain in place. Pregnant students and nursing mothers can obtain information on regulations and options pertaining to their circumstances from the Student Maternity Protection Coordination Office at https://www.uni-muenster.de/studium/en/hilfeundberatung/mutterschutzgesetz.html.