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Impressions - Summer School on Neglected Diseases at the University of São Paulo

Nine students from the WWU attended the Summer School “Neglected Diseases” at Ribeirão Preto. We stayed in guesthouses for foreign students at the campus of USP, which is located in the area of a former coffee plantation. The whole campus is surrounded by high trees - typical Brazilian flora, which was quite impressive and gave the impression not to stay at a campus or somewhere in a city at all.  A great breakfast was served in a small house nearby our guesthouse, especially the fruits and sweets were amazing.

The summer school itself was held in a separate building at the campus. During the mornings the students had the chance to present short talks. Moreover, plenary lectures and short lectures were held by the professors from WWU and USP. In addition, a non-scientific program was organized in the afternoon. The lab tour on the first afternoon revealed, that the scientific work at USP is really similar to the work at WWU. The labs of the pharmaceutical institute are well equipped and we learned a lot about the projects of the Brazilian PhD students. Everyone could get new ideas and perspectives for the mutual research topic. A campus tour and city tour were also part of the afternoon program of the summer school.

The whole stay at USP was amazing, especially the support by the Brazilian students was great. They were really hospitable and helped us a lot, for example by taking us by car to the evening events – the poster session, a visit in a steak house and a local brewery. All in all our stay at USP in Ribeirão Preto we could build on the scientific and personal relationship established during the summer school last year in Münster.