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4th Scientific Workshop and Winter School „Cells under Fire – Research in Biochemistry, Biomedicine, Natural Products and Medicinal Chemistry at USP and WWU“

Brazilian and German Researchers and Students meet at IPBP to fight Infectious Diseases Already for the 4th time, a Scientific Workshop along with a Winter School of the Strategic Partnership Program between the University of Münster and the University of São Paulo, Brazil, (WWU.USP ), topical focus „Neglected Diseases“ was organized and held at IPBP from Feb 01 – Feb 08, 2020.
See also : "Ortswechsel öffnen den Horizont" - An interview with Dr. Kamila Tomoko Yuyama (USP) and Lara Szabó (WWU)
In this event, group leaders of WWU’s faculties of chemistry and pharmacy as well as medicine met their Brazilian counterparts in order to strengthen their network of scientific cooperations, combined under the title „Cells under Fire – Multimodal Approaches to fight Intracellular Human Pathogens“.
This network, comprising 24 research groups (12 from each, WWU and USP), exists since 2016 and many successful bi- and multilateral cooperations between WWU and USP scientists have been established.
As a strong aspect ensuring the sustainability of this network, young scientists (master and doctoral students as well as younger post docs from both Universities) have participated and actively contributed to the event in the form of a Winter School.
Here, as in the three meetings before (Münster, 2016, Ribeirão Preto, 2017, São Paulo, 2018), the principal investigators gave lectures on their various fields of expertise and the young researchers presented their ongoing research related to a multitude of relevant aspects in the fight against infectious diseases in a series of excellent lectures and posters (The program with lecture abstracts and list of participants of the event is found here).
As the organizer of this event and speaker of the German part of this network, my most cordial thanks go to all those who actively contributed to the organization and the program of this truly interdisciplinary event!
Support by the Brazil Center as well as the International Office of WWU is most gratefully acknowledged.
Prof. Dr. Thomas J. Schmidt

The 4th Scientific Workshop and Winter School on „Cells under Fire – Research in Biochemistry, Biomedicine, Natural Products and Medicinal Chemistry at USP and WWU“ will take place from February 1 to February 8, 2020 . It is organised in cooperation of  the  Institute for Pharmaceutical Biology and Phytochemistry (IPBP) and the Brazil Centre of the University of Münster and wil be held at the Pharma Campus. Porf. Dr. Thomas J. Schmidt, the German coordinator of the WWU.USP Neglected Diseases project, organsises the scientific part of the event with support of the Brazil Centre. It mainly is funded by the DAAD with additional funding by the University of Münster.

Program of Winterschool and Workshop 

research stay for PhD students at the Universities of Münster, Germany and São Paulo, Brazil
Call for applications - DEADLine July 15, 2020

The Brazil Centre of the University of Münster offers interested PhD students of the University of Münster a research stay at the University of São Paulo and PhD students of the University of São Paulo a research stay at the University of Münster.
The exchange program is part of the project wwu.usp. It aims to expand and strengthen the strategic partnership between the two universities. The main topic includes research with reference to ‘Cities and Climate’. However, these calls address PhD students of all faculties. All applications will be treated equally.

Deadline for applications: July 15th, 2020

Detailed information available at:

Call PhD students from WWU to USP  2020
Call PhD students from USP to WWU 2020

Application forms at:

Application form for PhD students of USP
Application form for PhD students of WWU

Strategic Partnership - University of Münster and University of São Paulo

Focus Area - Cities and Climate (2019-2020)
Focus Areas - Neglected Diseases, Information Systems, Law  (2015-2018)

Brazil is one of the focus countries of the internationalisation strategy of the University of Münster. The numerous longstanding successful collaborations and joint activities with Brazilian institutions/universities gain a new dimension through the project wwu.usp. Thus, the Universities of Münster (WWU) and São Paulo (USP) direct their e­fforts to establish an innovative and sustainable Strategic Partnership by intensifying and expanding the already existent alliance. The first project period lasted from 2015 to 2018, and is followed by a project extension of two years, until the end of 2020. The actual focus lies on topics related to Cities and Climate. It is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research for a total period of six years (2015-2020).

USP is the major institution of higher education and research in Brazil. It has an outstanding international profile and figures among the world‘s best universities in many rankings in terms of teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook. The USP International  Cooperation Office (AUCANI) is the organ responsible for facilitating and supporting these partnerships within the general scope of the university. In the Nature Index 2019 Global WWU reaches a distinguished 3rd position among German universities. The index is published by the world’s leading journal Nature and takes into account scientific publications in 82 important magazines. Internationalisation at Münster makes an essential contribution to the university’s image and its competitiveness in the core areas of academic teaching and research. For the university’s management it is a key element on the way to becoming a university of excellence. The project is managed by the Brazil Centre of the WWU.

Flyer WWU.USP (first Phase)

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Signing ceronomy - Inclusion of  USP into ERCIS

A key result of the first phase of the strategic partnership project wwu.usp was the inclusion of USP in the international research network ERCIS (European Research Center on Information Systems). As part of the annual meeting of all ERCIS partners at the University of Loughborough in England, this inclusion was formally signed on September 17, 2019. We are very happy to have reached this milestone and look forward to working closely together in the future. Further information can be found under the following link
(Image: Prof. Dr. Jörg Becker ERCIS Director (WWU), Prof. Dr. Marcelo Fantinato (USP), Prof. Dr. Bernd Hellingrath Head of Brazil Center (WWU))

Mutual overseas Representatives - Agreement Signature

In the frame of the project wwu.usp the University of Münster and the University of São Paulo agreed to mutually maintain overseas representatives. The corresponding facilities will be attached to the AUCANI at USP and to the Brazil Centre at the WWU. The contract for the implementation of the overseas representatives was signed on 10 October 2018 by the Rector of USP Prof. Dr. Vahan Agopyan and the Vice-Rector of WWU Prof. Michael Quante during a reception at the Rectory of USP in São Paulo preceding the Closing Ceremony of the first project financing phase.

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