Mobility - learning from each other

Exchange of students, PhDs and researchers

Mobility - learning from each other
Exchange of students, PhD students and researchers
The mobility measures aim to support the internationalisation strategy of the participating universities, which includes the identification of new areas of cooperation in both education and science.
The  DAAD project wwu.usp supports both students'  and researchers' mobility of all faculties of WWU and USP from Germany to Brazil and vice versa.
Usually twice a year, calls are published by the Brazil Center. One call addresses students and PhD students who are preparing their bachelor, master or doctoral theses. The other one strives to draw interest among post-docs and professors who are planning a research stay for some weeks at the partner university.
Students and PhD students are supposed to stay for at least one month and at no longer than 6 months in order to prepare parts of their theses. Scientists generally stay for a period of some weeks for doing research but also to give lectures and to initiate new cooperation in their fields of research.