The specific topic of cooperating in the thematic focus “Law” is the field of taxation and company law. Building on an academic agreement for co-supervision of PhD thesis concluded in 2011, workshops will be organized with specific regard to map the curricula. A Summer School on Business Law and Economic Constitution will promote the cooperation on the level of students and PhD candidates as well as between researchers in order to initiate common research projects.

Research Network WWU/USP on Social Security and Social Rights

Prof. Marcus Orione, USP and Prof. Dr. Heinz-Dietrich Steinmeyer, WWU

Since 2014, there is a permanent network between the University of Münster (WWU) and the University of São Paulo (USP) which is led by Prof. Marcus Orione Gonçalves Correia (USP) on the Brazilian side and Prof. Dr. Heinz-Dietrich Steinmeyer (WWU) on the German side. This research group – also consisting of Prof. Flavio Batista (USP) and Prof. Dr. Katharina von Koppenfels-Spies (University of Freiburg), Prof. Dr. Jacob Joussen (University of Bochum) and Katharina Knuf on the German side – has had a separate project within the general project “Law Network Germany-Brazil – Globalization and the Social State” which in its starting phase was sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and CAPES. This separate project called “Meeting the Challenges of Social Policy – the Role of the Constitution and its Interpretation – Different approaches to similar problems?” focused on the two constitutions, which in a different way influence social policy. While the German constitution contains only few details, the Brazilian constitution is very detailed in that respect. The German constitution influences social policy by the principle of the social state in Article 20 and by treating pensions and other benefits paid as a consequence of contribution as a property (Article 14).
On these topics and, in consequence, on other topics of social policy two meetings were hold, one in May 2014 in São Paulo and another one in July 2015 in Münster, where Prof. Dr. Steinmeyer gave a lecture on “Labor Law and social security law in Germany”, Prof. Marcus Orione Gonçalves Correia gave the talks: “Brazilian state and production of common good”, “Social security in Brasil – constitutional treatment” and “Maternity leave benefit”. Moreover, professors of both sides hold presentations on several topics regarding social security and labour law.

Report on Current Stage


Law – a comparison of Brazil and Germany

Experts from WWU and USP ran Summer School on ‘Comparative commercial and fiscal law’ in São Paulo

Facilitated by the project wwu.usp and funded by the mobility program of the DAAD, a Summer School on ‘Comparative commercial and fiscal law (Germany/Brazil)’ was carried out in São Paulo from September 18th to September 22nd, 2017.

The faculties of law of USP and WWU jointly offered a Summer School to selected students of both universities. It not only served for teaching and discussing specific topics with students but promotes a sustainable cooperation with regard to strategic partnership between the universities.

The vice-rector of USP Prof. Vahan Agopyan and the director of USP’s Law Faculty Prof. José Rogério Cruz e Tucci officially opened the event. Prof. Steinmeyer, Professor of Social, Civil and Employment Law at WWU introduced the WWU to the participants and pointed out that one can build on long lasting collaboration between the faculties of law. The Executive Director of the Brazil Center of the WWU Dr. Ricardo Schuch presented an overview on the activities of the University of Münster related to Brazil and on the project wwu.usp.

Ten undergraduate students from WWU and 14 from USP participated in the Summer School, held by professors of both universities, who are specialists in different fields of Entrepreneurship Law. One topic of high interest self-evidently is the comparison of the legal situation in Brazil and Germany. Therefore, the professors stimulated the students to discuss interactively on different aspects of law regarding economy, finances, tax, commerce and labor.

Thursday evening, September 21st, a public colloquium was organized. Prof. Dr. Steinmeyer gave a lecture on "Institutional Reform of the EU in the wake of BREXIT", and Prof. Dr. Guggenberger on ‘Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Automation in Law’. The lectures attracted a wide interest among professors and students of the Law School of USP.

1st Workshop in the focus area “Law”

In December 2016 a joint workshop organized by Prof. Dr. Joachim Englisch together with the Brazil Center of the University of Münster has been held at the University of Münster. The objective of the event with the participation of two professors from USP and seven from WWU was to promote a curricula map and analyse the possibility of joint programs. It was agreed on a certain minimum number of lectures taught in English, both at WWU and at USP in order to increase the mobility of students in the faculties of law. The discussions on the establishment of a double degree program led up to the assessment that there is not sufficient compatibility on bachelor and master level. However, the existing double doctorate agreement has been proven to be functional and efforts should be made to extend its validity. Moreover, the summer school to be carried at USP in September 2017 has been planned in detail.