(Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Hellingrath)

Within the thematic area ‘Information Systems‘ it is the aim of wwu.usp to adjust the respective curricula at WWU and USP and to develop joint research projects within the framework of DFG/FAPESP programs. Referring to the overall goal of working together on different levels, summer schools and workshops are organized. They not only enhance the cooperation among the partners already working together but intent also to win new partners and to attract students as well as PhD candidates. Consequently, an effcient visibility is relevant for the success and the sustainability of this thematic area.


One specific objective within this topic is the integration of the respective faculty of the University of São Paulo into the European Center for Information Systems (ERCIS). It is an  international network of research institutions and companies, working together in the fields of information systems, computer science, quantitative methods, business administration, medical informatics, and law.