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Fake and truth

As part of the exhibition "Fake - the whole truth" at the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden, Dr Kai Reinhart discussed the film "This aint't California" (19.8.2022) with film producer Ronald Vietz. The story about skateboarding in the GDR - based on Reinhart's dissertation (2010) - had been presented to the public as a documentary, but mainly consists of re-shot scenes with actors.


Fake and truth

As part of the exhibition "Fake - the whole truth" at the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden, Dr Kai Reinhart discussed the film "This aint't California" (19.8.2022) with film producer Ronald Vietz. The story about skateboarding in the GDR - based on Reinhart's dissertation (2010) - had been presented to the public as a documentary, but mainly consists of re-shot scenes with actors.

© Michael Krüger

Prof. Dr. Hans Langenfels turned 90

Prof. Dr. Hans Langenfeld, first professor of physical education in Münster from 1974 to 1997, celebrated his 90th birthday on 4 July. The Department of Sport Education & Sport History congratulates him! On his 80th birthday, Michael Krüger and Josef Ulfkotte published a commemorative publication in his honour. The dvs dedicated a more detailed tribute to him at their website.

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Film about the German-German Olympic Team in Tokyo (1964)

On Thursday, 7.7.2022, 12-14 h, Campus Gym/Room 5, sports historian Dr René Wiese from the Centre for German Sports History (ZDS) and filmmaker Thomas Grimm will present their documentary film "The Cold Rings".
All interested parties are cordially invited. Please register via Dr. Kai Reinhart.

© Antonia Elke

University Rowing Championship

Success for Münster sports student Antonia Elke (third from left) at the Aasee regatta in Münster last weekend (1-3.7.2022). Together with her partner Katharina Börms, she won the adh university championship in the double sculls. With a time of 3:42.38 for the 1,000 metres, they beat the 12 competing boats and qualified for the European University Championships next year.

© Kai Reinhart

Inline hockey tournament

Last weekend (24.6.2022), the first joint inline hockey tournament took place in cooperation between the IfS and Münster Mottek. Students from various inline skating seminars run by Dr. Kai Reinhart and players from the open IfS inline hockey group met up with active players from the Münster Mottek inline skater hockey club. Dennis Schwabe, coach at Münster Mottek, enthused: "This should take place every semester". A second edition is planned for the winter semester.

© Daphné Bolz

Professorship for Daphné Bolz

Dr. Daphné Bolz, who has been an EU scholarship holder at the Department of Sport Education & Sport History since September 2020, has been appointed as a university professor at the University of Rouen (France/Normandy). She will take up the professorship on 1 September 2022 and continue the joint projects with the AB Sport Pedagogy & Sport History on the development of physical education and sport in Europe. Congratulations on this professorship!

© Nora Hansel

World Champion at the IfS

World champion and multiple European champion in para-triathlon Nora Hansel visits the Institute of Sport Science (IfS) as part of the seminar "Sport in Oncology". Thematically, Nora Hansel will deal with the topic of "Oncology and Competitive Sports" and outline her path to competitive sports. The seminar will take place on Wednesday, 22 June, from 10 am to 12 pm. Interested parties are cordially invited. Registrations can be made at eike.boll@wwu.de.
In the afternoon, Nora Hansel will join the seminar participants at the starting line of the Leonardo Campus Run.

© Emil Richelmann (Medienlabor IfS)

Inline skating with students

As part of Dr. Kai Reinhart's mediation-related practice immersion (VP), two roller-skating days took place in Whitsun week with fourth-graders taught by sports teacher Mirka Pauck from Sprakel primary school. In the BSH and the Leo Hall, riding techniques were practised and an inline diploma awarded, roller figure skating choreos were presented and hockey was played. Another highlight - at least for the children - was the joint visit to the Da Vinci Mensa.


Yoonkyu Song at the IfS

Yoonkyu Song from the national university of Seoul will spend three years as a doctoral student and scholarship holder of the South Korean Ministry of Science at the Department of Sport Education & Sport History. German-German sports relations during the Cold War and the unification process after the fall of communism in 1989/90 are considered a model for Korean sports policy and cooperation in the field of sports with North Korea.

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Guest lecture by PD Dr. Sven Güldenpfennig

The renowned sports scientist and peace researcher in the field of sport, PD. Dr. Seven Güldenpfennig, will give a guest lecture on the topic of "Olympia is important, but not a peace power" on 2 May from 4-6 p.m. as part of the Sports History Colloquium of the Sports Education & Sports History Department at IfS Münster. The event will take place in seminar room 101 of the seminar building Horstmarer Landweg 52. In addition, it will be possible to participate in the event via zoom. Pre-registration is not required.

© Daphné Bolz

Sport and Hygiene in Interwar Europe

Our EU scholarship holder PD Dr. Daphné Bolz will give a lecture on "Reconstruction of the Body: Sport and Hygiene in Interwar Europe" next Wednesday, 9th March 2022, 7-8 p.m. as part of a webinar lecture series of the International Centre for Sports History and Culture at the University of Leicester/UK. The lecture series is internationally oriented, registration is possible via the following link:

Link to registration

© Eike Boll

Wintersports week in Salzburg

As part of an EU-funded cooperation between the Institute of Sport Science and the University of Education in Salzburg, our staff member Eike Boll led the course "Winter sports week with heterogeneous learning groups" with colleagues from Salzburg. This cooperation has resulted in an Erasmus agreement between the two institutes. Students of the Institute of Sport Science can now apply for an Erasmus stay in Salzburg.

© Limpert

New publication about the "History and Future of School Sport in Teaching and Practice"

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Limpert-Verlag, the oldest publisher of sports education and sports science books in Germany, Michael Krüger (Münster) and Stefan König (PH Weingarten) have published a volume on the history and future of school sports. It contains selected original contributions by prominent authors in the field of physical education on important historical periods of development as well as current and future tasks and perspectives of the subject.

The Limpert-Verlag publishes the journal SportPraxis, one of the most widely distributed journals for the teaching and practice of sport in schools and classrooms, in whose A4 format the volume is designed.


Daphné Bolz publishes article in "Sport in History"

EU scholarship holder Dr Daphné Bolz published an "open access" article on the history of physical education in transnational perspective in the British journal "Sport in History" entitled "Physical education and bodily strengthening on either side of the Rhine: a transnational history of the French bill on physical education and its German reception (1920-1921)". The article is available online.

Professorship for Marcel Reinold

Our long-time colleague Marcel Reinold has taken up a professorship (full) in sports science with a focus on sociology and political science at the Arctic University of Norway (Tromsø/Campus Alta) on 1 October 2021. He had been employed at our institute since February 2009 in the department of sports education/sports history, first as a doctoral student and after his doctorate in 2015 as a post-doc. Most recently, he was on leave to fill a professorship for sport and health sociology at the University of Göttingen for two semesters.

© Zentrum deutsche Sportgeschichte/Bestand Fräsdorf

Film and discussion about the German-German Olympic team in Tokyo (1964)

On Tuesday, 30.11.2021, 4-6 p.m., Room Ho 101, Berlin sports historian Dr René Wiese from the Centre for German Sports History (ZDS) will present the documentary film "The Cold Rings" about the Olympic Games in Tokyo (1964), which is based on his book.
Following the film, René Wiese will discuss the (sports) political situation at the time and the atmosphere between athletes from East and West with Jürgen May (GDR, 1967 escape to the FRG) and Harald Norpoth (FRG), both track and field athletes in the 1964 Olympic squad.

All interested parties are cordially invited. Please register via Dr. Kai Reinhart by email.

© Albrecht Hummel

Guest lecture by Prof. Dr. Albrecht Hummel

Dr. Albrecht Hummel, Professor Emeritus of Physical Education at the University of Leipzig, will give a lecture on "Developmental Paths and Stages of Physical Education in Germany" on Monday, 29 November 2021, 4-6 p.m. in HO 101 as part of the Sports Education and Sports History Colloquium (Prof. Krüger). All interested parties are cordially invited. The event will take place in attendance in accordance with the current corona rules and will be transmitted via zoom.

Link to the zoom transmission

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Volume 2 of the Springer Handbook on Sport and Sport Science published

"Sport in Culture and Society" is the title of volume two of the "Handbook of Sport and Sport Science". This is the three-volume basic work published online by Springer Nature as a "reference work", a "handbook of the highest order", as Springer's advertising puts it.


Daphné Bolz gives opening lecture at SISS annual conference

On 8. October, PD Dr. Daphné Bolz, EU Fellow at the IfS and President of the European Society for Sports History (CESH) gave the opening lecture at the annual conference on of the Italian Society for the History of Sport (Società italiana di Storia dello Sport - SISS) on "'Propagandare il nuoto' e costruire piscine: un progetto educativo e politico incompiuto del fascismo in Italia continentale e in Sardegna" (Swimming propaganda and swimming pool construction - an unfinished educational and political project of fascism in continental Italy and Sardinia).

© 2021 Philippka-Sportverlag GmbH & Co. KG

New publication of ski textbook from Münster

20 years ago, the Münster biomechanist Prof. Georg Kassat published his revolutionary textbook on alpine skiing. To mark the anniversary, "... but the slope turns the skis! Die eine Ski-Technik und die Ein-Ski-Methodik" has been completely revised by the sports scientists Nico Kurpiers and Nils Eden, also from the IfS Münster. The new book has not only been given a new coat of paint, but also presents the further development of the One Ski Method over the last two decades in a clear and understandable way. The technique of parallel skiing is explained using modern 3D illustrations and the methodical exercises are illustrated with new photos. The one-ski method is also taught by the IfS under the direction of Kai Reinhart in a training for teachers and students, which takes place every year during the autumn holidays on the Hintertux Glacier.

© Martin Kimpel

Training at Ninfly

On 27 September, the instructors from Module 1 and other interested colleagues met for further training at Ninfly, the "Home of modern Sports", as it calls itself. Under the guidance of the managing directors and trainers, the "Ninja Sports Arena" in particular was practically explored, which offers numerous possibilities from tricking to parkour to "Ninletics". In the future, they will complement the teaching in Module 1.

© Daphné Bolz

Sport and Politics from Antiquity to the Modern Day

Under the leadership of PD Dr. Daphné Bolz, president-elect of the European Association for Sports History (CESH), and Prof. Dr. Annette Hofmann, president of the International Sports History Association (ISHPES), the first joint symposium of both international associations for sports history took place in Lisbon from 14 to 16 September. In view of the Corona pandemic, the conference was held in hybrid form both in presence at the New University of Lisbon and digitally. The topic of the conference was "Sport and Politics from Antiquity to the Modern Day".
Dr Bolz is currently an EU scholar at the IfS of WWU Münster. She is researching the history of sport in Europe.

© Nick Kaßner

The history of club (by)names

Florian Wittmann as a guest on the podcast "Hörfehler"

If you want to learn more about the history of club names, you should listen to the podcast Hörfehler.
Florian Wittmann, a doctoral student in the Department of Sports Education & Sports History, has researched and presented his knowledge on this topic.

© Simon Weiß

Michael Krüger gives lecture in Beijing

On June 17, Michael Krüger gave a lecture on "Völkerverständigung durch Sport" (international understanding through sports) on invitation of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of German-Chinese relations. The event took place in Beijing. Speakers from Germany were transmitted via video link.

© Daphné Bolz

Daphné Bolz gives keynote speech at the "International Congress of Education, Health and Human Movement"

EU fellow and private lecturer Dr. Daphné Bolz gave the keynote speech at the "International Congress of Education, Health and Human Movement" held at the "National University of Physical Education and Sport", which took place in Bucharest (Romania) from June 10 to 12, 2021. It is an important congress on physical education in Europe, promoted by international institutions and networks on "Physical Education", including the "European Network of Sport Education".