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Film and discussion about the German-German Olympic team in Tokyo (1964)

On Tuesday, 30.11.2021, 4-6 p.m., Room Ho 101, Berlin sports historian Dr René Wiese from the Centre for German Sports History (ZDS) will present the documentary film "The Cold Rings" about the Olympic Games in Tokyo (1964), which is based on his book. In a peak phase of the Cold War and 19 years after the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Games were to become a symbol for a peaceful world. Divided Germany in particular was to prove this: The Federal Republic and the GDR had to compete with a joint team despite opposing social systems. Afterwards, Olympic sport in both German states went their separate ways for 28 years.
Following the film, René Wiese will discuss the (sports) political situation at the time and the atmosphere between athletes from East and West with Jürgen May (GDR, 1967 escape to the FRG) and Harald Norpoth (FRG), both track and field athletes in the 1964 Olympic squad.
The event is sponsored by the Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia. All interested parties are cordially invited. Please register via Dr. Kai Reinhart by e-mail. The current Corona rules of the University of Münster apply.