The Department of Sport Pedagogy and Sport History at the Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences of the University of Münster

The research and teaching areas of the Department focus on the one hand on sport historical research that reaches from antiquity up to the present in all its facets. Therefore, we are able to select from manifold sources that besides literature sources also include the analysis of archaeological materials as well as visual and oral history. In doing so, we continue the sport historical research activities commenced by Hans Langenfeld in Münster. 

Apart from that, another focus area lies within sport pedagogical research and teaching activities that are closely linked with the sport pedagogical-anthropological as well as cultural science-based work of Ommo Grupes. This approach implies pedagogical training, didactic-methodological and political-sociological studies in sports. Multiple text-and handbooks about sport pedagogy and sport history were developed for the usage by students, researchers and in teaching as well.

Finally, the Department of Sport Pedagogy and Sport History endeavours to operate beyond the university level through public lecture series and an engagement with international contacts. In collaboration with local and regional partners study general events were conducted, e.g. regarding the Olympic Games, the culture of running and “Sports for all". Further, team members of the Department regularly participate at international conferences about sport history and sport pedagogy, socialize with international peers and publish prolifically in international journals.