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New research group on Polymer and Colloid Science

SoN Scientist Interview Series

André H. Gröschel, Professor at the Institute of Physical Chemistry

What I do: "I am a polymer chemist by training (Bayreuth, Germany), but also spent some time in applied physics (Aalto, Finland). The experience from both disciplines taught me the value of interdisciplinary research at the interface of chemistry, physics and biology. I am currently leading an Emmy Noether Group that will start full swing in the SoN in June."

About our research: "Our group specializes in functional soft matter nanostructures made from polymers and colloids. Our research covers all aspects of polymer and colloid synthesis including controlled polymerization (ATRP, RAFT, anionic) and emulsion polymerization techniques. We design polymer architectures (block copolymers are emphasized), complex colloids, and organic/inorganic hybrid materials. We utilize these building blocks and devise self-assembly concepts for nano-, meso-, and microscale materials either in bulk, in confinement, or in solution. Trademark materials of our group are ABC triblock terpolymers, multicompartment micelles, Janus nanoparticles, organic mesoporous microparticles, and nanoreactors. These materials find application in nanomedicine, surface patterning, manipulation of interfaces, catalysis, and energy conversion."

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Where our group sits: "We are an international group of 11 scientists that moved to the WWU Münster in March. We are located in part in the institute of Physical Chemistry, the CeNTech (Center for Nanotechnology), and to a large part in the SoN. Visit us on the second floor of the SoN building to meet us, discuss projects, and have some coffee. A welcome party will follow soon."

Why we have moved to the SoN: "Our background in polymer and colloid science will aid to conceive projects with tailormade soft matter components that match application needs. We provide analytics for polymer materials (e.g. gel permeation chromatography) and self-assembled superstructures (dynamic light scattering and transmission electron microscopy/tomography), but likewise tremendously gain from the fruitful research environment and the newest equipment at SoN. For us, the SoN provides ideal conditions to work on cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and we are happy to be part it."

Links: Visit our current webpage and Twitter @GroeschelLab to get the latest happenings in and around the group.