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Controlling cell behavior and delivering drugs locally

SoN Scientist Interview Series

Andisheh Motealleh, PostDoc in Research Group Kehr

Research: “I work on the generation of functional nanobiomaterials, local drug delivery, and 3D bioprinting for biomedical engineering applications such as drug delivery systems, direct injectable biomaterial and tissue engineering. At the moment my research is based on the generation of advanced functional biomaterials such as self‐assembled monolayers (SAMs) and injectable 3D nanocomposite (NC) hydrogels of functional nanomaterials (NMs) with remarkable properties and functionalities that are useful for different types of biomedical applications. For example, our biomaterials can be used as artificial tissue constructs or local drug delivery systems."

Latest paper: 3D printing of step-gradient nanocomposite hydrogels for controlled cell migration

Why I became a scientist: “I like creating something, doing things that haven’t been done yet. Every day I get to do something new and it can be very helpful for people.”

3D‐Bioprinted NC hydrogels for different biomedical applications
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Likes about the SoN: “At the SoN I have all the equipment and labs close to me. Before I had to go to lots of different departments. It took extra time carrying my cells 5-6 times back and forth between different labs in different places. Here we have our own cell-culture lab.”

Previous workplace: “At the Frauenhofer in Berlin it was very international. You heard English everywhere. We had football matches and regular BBQs. I was sad to leave, but excited about exploring new research possibilities in Seda Kehr’s group.”

Wishes: a vending machine in the SoN

Links: Research Group Kehr