Our research focuses on the combination of remote sensing data and modelling methods to detect landscape-ecological patterns and processes, as well as on the necessary developments in methodology. This includes the following two subject areas:

  • Applied multi-scale remote sensing of landscapes to derive independent atmospheric and ecosystem-based enviromental data sets and as a basis for the analysis of ecosystem parameters and processes.
  • Development of methods in the context of spatial and spatio-temporal machine modelling strategies in remote sensing as the basis for interdisciplinary application to landscape-ecological questions.

On this page you will find an overview of our current research projects

Satellite-based image
© Maite Lezama

Antarctic Science Platform

Project Lead: Antarctica New Zealand
Team@ILOEK: Maite Lezama Valdes, Hanna Meyer (International Partner within the objectives „Ecological connectivity across scales“ and „Meteorology, Climatology and Aeolian transport")
Term: 2019 - 2025
Further information: To the project homepage

Completed Projects

LOEWE-focus Natur 4.0
Conservation monitoring through networked sensors as a basis for sustainable biodiversity protection and securing ecosystem functions.
Laufzeit: 2019 - 2022