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The future in the time of corona

Schulz Lastwagen 2 1Schulz Lastwagen 2 1
© Ulrich Thon

Social anthropologist Dorothea Schulz contrasts the conception of futurity in Uganda and Mali during the corona crisis with tendencies in European public discourse.

“Historically, conversions like Hagia Sophia are no isolated cases”

Mosque Cordoba 2 1Mosque Cordoba 2 1
© Timor Espallargas (cc-by-sa-2.5)

From a historical perspective, the conversion of religiously and politically charged buildings such as Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is no new phenomenon, branching back to antiquity, show scientists from the Cluster of Excellence in a new dossier.

Latest newsletter of the Cluster of Excellence published

Slider Und News-newsletter-2020Slider Und News-newsletter-2020
© exc

The latest newsletter of the Cluster of Excellence has been published. It provides many reflections on the corona epidemic from the perspective of the humanities, as well as current research findings on religion, law and politics. It also provides information about publications, staff, and events at our Cluster. (exc/maz)

Historian and theologian Thomas Lentes has died

Dr. Thomas Lentes (1962–2020)Dr. Thomas Lentes (1962–2020)
© exc

The Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics” at the University of Münster is mourning the loss of its colleague Dr. Thomas Lentes, who died in Münster on 4 May 2020. “With Thomas Lentes, we are losing an extremely competent and inspiring colleague whose contributions and comments, whose commitment in personal interaction, will be sorely missed. We will remember him with respect”, says the obituary, which was also written in the name of the Cluster of Excellence.

New Research Cloud to deal with epidemics in the past and present

Pm Corona Und Die O _ffentliche Moral Nils Jansen Ohne Paragraph 2-1Pm Corona Und Die O _ffentliche Moral Nils Jansen Ohne Paragraph 2-1
© exc

A new working group at the Cluster of Excellence is to deal with the issue of “Epidemics”. The Research Cloud adopts the perspective of many disciplines and epochs to investigate how interpretations of epidemics have changed over time, and is exploring above all the specific way in which religious, political and scientific communities and institutions deal with epidemics.

“Politics and courts need moral compass from us”

Pm Corona Und Die O _ffentliche Moral Nils Jansen 2-1Pm Corona Und Die O _ffentliche Moral Nils Jansen 2-1
© exc

In the corona crisis, legal scholar Nils Jansen warns against leaving politics, courts and science to shape our basic normative orientation – medical ethics, rent and travel reimbursement: legal situation is often not as clear-cut as many may believe – “We need a set of common rules and beliefs outside legal norms”

“A leading Arabic poet, who was long virtually unknown”

Golddinar 1261 Thomas Bauer 2 1Golddinar 1261 Thomas Bauer 2 1
© Thomas Bauer

A long-term digital project to produce an edition of the complete works of the leading Arabic poet of his time, Ibn Nubātah al-Miṣrī, who was virtually unknown to a broader public until recently, is being launched this week at the University of Münster.

“Towards a pluralistic religious pedagogy”

Pm Religionsp _dagogik 2 1Pm Religionsp _dagogik 2 1
© bibor

Given religious diversity in schools, Jewish, Christian and Islamic theologians and experts in religious pedagogy are calling for a religious education that is based on a pluralistic religious pedagogy.

One-day conference of the Digital Humanities projects

News Digital HumanitiesNews Digital Humanities
© Wilfried Gerharz

The Digital Humanities (DH) projects in the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics” came together for an internal conference of DH projects. The participants outlined their research projects and described what data they collect, what digital programmes they use for evaluation, and what challenges are to be expected.

New image brochure

News Neue Imagebroschuere EnNews Neue Imagebroschuere En
© exc

A new image brochure presents the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics. Dynamics of Tradition and Innovation” to academics and the general public.

First training programme in “Religious Journalism”

Programm Fortbildung Fachjournalistin Religion2 1 NahProgramm Fortbildung Fachjournalistin Religion2 1 Nah
© ifp

The Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics” at the University of Münster and the ifp Catholic School of Journalism will be offering from autumn 2020 the first in-service training programme in Germany in “Religious Journalism”. The programme is designed to qualify media professionals to report on religions in pluralized societies in a nuanced and critical manner.