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Legal advice

In principle, the author of a work has all rights to it, regardless of whether it was published in electronic or printed form. By publishing in a publishing house, the author usually assigns parts of their rights by contractual arrangement.
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Copyright in Academic Work

When publishing on the university publication server miami, the author is in principle free to publish their work elsewhere in digital form or as a printed work, since the University and State Library of Münster is only granted the simple right of use on miami.

Conversely, it is desirable that the author, when publishing their work with a publisher, does not grant the publisher an exclusive right of use, but retains a (digital) secondary exploitation right in order to be able to store the digital version on a document server such as miami, for example.
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The team of the ServicePoint for Publications of the University and State Library will be happy to assist you in clarifying legal questions.

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