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In spring 2012, the University Management passed an open access resolution for the University of Münster. In it, the university encourages and supports its scientists to make the results of their research work freely accessible. The publication server miami provides them with an open access repository where they can publish their publications in open access for the first and second time.

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Open access in the golden or green way – both variants are supported by the University of Münster.
More information on the possible manifestations of open access and on the different business models can be found at open access.

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    Would you like to publish your article in an open access journal?

    The golden way of open access refers to the original first publication of your work in an open access journal.
    With the support of the DFG, the University of Münster has set up a publication fund to support publications in open access journals such as PLOS or BioMed Central.
    Information on the publication fund of the University of Münster
    Quality of open access journals

    Notes for publishing funded open access articles on the publication server miami

    Open access articles supported by the University of Münster's publication fund must be published on the publication server miami. For more information, contact the Service Point for Publications.

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    Is it about the secondary publication of your article?

    The green way of open access refers to the secondary publication of a publication already published by a publisher on a document server such as miami.
    With miami you have an open access repository at your disposal, where you can publish digital and multimedia documents and objects. miami offers you worldwide and permanent availability.

    Notes on secondary publication on the publication server miami

    Many publishers now allow self-archiving on institutional document servers under certain conditions. For example, sometimes only the manuscript version may be used, not the published publisher's PDF.
    Open access for secondary publications

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